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Famous football Curses

Football players and coaches are superstitious people and believe in omens. Most of them relate to everyday things – places in the locker rooms and the club bus, equipment order, and access to the field. But there are phenomena in football that defy explanation. Aaron Ramsey This story began in 2011 when Osama bin Laden was killed the day after Ramsey’s goal against Manchester United. Then no one paid attention to this fact, but then the deaths of famous people after Ramsey’s goal (precisely the next day) began to occur with alarming frequency. Among the” victims ” of the Welshman …

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Football legends: Ronaldo

He the best forward of his era and one of the best in the history of football. And many generally consider him the best player of all time. The opinion is controversial, but it also has the right to exist. In this article, we will take a detailed look at Ronaldo’s club career. Ronaldo was born in Rio de Janeiro, the third child in a poor Brazilian family. However, poverty also has its criteria – the family of Nelio and Sonia Nazario never lived in the favelas. I also worked in a telephone company. It was primarily thanks to him …

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The True Story behind George Best Death

George Best was one of the best players not only on the UK but also in the rest of the world. Many generations will remember his natural talent and superior skills he performed on the pitch. Apart from being a great player, Best was also a very charismatic player. He had natural strength and stamina, which made him a true both on the field. Born in 1946, George was spotted by MU managers and joined the team while being a teenager. That was the turning point in his career. Best changed a lot turning from a professional football player into …

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All You Need to Know about Diego Maradona Age, Bio and Facts

The “Hand of God” and the living legend of Napoli and the Argentinian International football team is a football icon for millions of fans. The player boasts an astonishing career leading his international team to the FIFA World Cup victory in 1986. He played like for several top clubs including Barcelona.  However, Napoli appeared to be his home for many years. He led his team to numerous Seria A titles and scored 115 goals. Marek Hamsik is yet the only player who managed to equal the result of the glorious Diego. After so many years on and away from the …

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Ronaldinho Age, Bio, Career, and Life

Also known as the absolute football Wizard, Ronaldinho has been a soccer icon for millions of fans around the world for many decades. He managed to win numerous trophies and prestigious titles in addition to his two Player of the Year awards. Despite years of playing for different clubs, he never seems to change or grow old. What is current Ronaldinho age? Are there any new facts about Ronaldinho family? What is the last Ronaldinho team? Does his still play football? So many things we are to learn about one of the brightest Brazilian soccer stars of our age.  Ronaldinho date …

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Cristiano Ronaldo Team Countries and History

The time goes by. Players move from one club to another starting their new path on the way to new trophies and glory. For millions of CR7 fans across the globe, the news about Cristiano Ronaldo team changes appeared to be a sensation. Image by Are you still not aware of what team is Cristiano Ronaldo on? Then this article will come in handy. We will speak of a new team Ronaldo plays for as well as discuss some of its former soccer teams where CR7 started his amazing career as an A‑list striker and winner of most prestigious …

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A Full Pele Biography: Age, Pele facts, and Teams He Played for

The story of a poor Brazilian boy who eventually turned into the biggest soccer star is overwhelming. Pele biography keeps different facts that most of you have never heard about. Who is Pele? How did he start playing football? What age is Pele and what teams did he play for? This time, we will dive deep into the bio of the legendary player from Brazil. Mostly known by the “Pele” nickname, he was also popular by his “Black Pearl” moniker. We will follow his entire path from poverty to the heights he achieved in sports scoring more league goals than …

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Messi Age

How Old Is Messi? Biography, Family, Facts

Although one can hardly imagine a football fan who does not know Messi age, some less dedicated spectators still wonder how old is Lionel Messi. This is mainly due to his drastic image change feature a beard and a tattoo. Both certainly make him look older. Despite that brutal look in addition to numerous trophies and awards, the A‑star striker is 390 years old. Born in 1987, Barcelona superstar has already reached the highest career level any footballer could only imagine. While most of you are well aware of Messi goals and stats, this time we are going to dive …

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All winners of Copa America football

Copa America All Winners List

List of all winners of Copa America Football Competition in history The Copa America is known as the main football competition of South America which is played between football teams of CONMEBOL. Its first competition was played in 1916 in Argentina that was played among four football teams. Uruguay National Football Team was the first and last champions of this campaign. Also, Uruguay is the most successful team of Copa America as they have won it fifteen times. Get ready to know about the all winners of CA. Given below is the list for which you are looking for.

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Real Madrid Wiki, History, Home Ground & Team Squad Wallpapers

Real Madrid is one of the top professional football club of Spain which plays in Domestic league La Liga. The club was founded in 1902 & is commonly known as Royal Madrid football club. In Spain, the name real redirects to Royal which was given by the King Alfonso 13 in the year of 1920. So far the club has won 32 times domestic league titles & 9 times the UEFA Champions league trophy. So here is the complete wiki with history, home ground & team squad of Real Madrid football club.

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Real Madrid Vs Barcelona The El Clasico History

The El Clasico is the Spanish word which means The Classic. This name is given to battle between 2 top Spanish clubs Real Madrid & Barcelona. Here you will find the history behind this competition. Real Madrid and Barcelona are also 2 largest cities of Spain. This name is selected due growing craze among these two professional football clubs. Both of these plays for Spanish League La Liga & still plays for it. Their first meet was held in 13th May 1902 which was competition of Copa de la Coronacion, that was won by Barca by 3–1. EL CLASICO DETAILS …

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FIFA World Cup trophy history, design, weight & size

The FIFA World Cup Trophy is awarded to the champions of the tournament, making them the ultimate winners of the finals. This prestigious prize has been given to the victorious teams since 1974 in international football tournaments, including the Olympics. This prestigious trophy represents excellence, teamwork, and the relentless pursuit of sporting glory. It is awarded to the champions of the world cup winners and the Olympics. The new trophy encapsulates the spirit of competition and serves as a symbol of achievement for every champions team that has lifted it in the Olympics sport. With each edition of the FIFA …

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LA Galaxy History, Uniform and Team squad

The Soccer Club Los Angeles Galaxy is an American club which is based on Los Angeles city of California. This club plays matches of Major League Soccer. The Club was recently included superstars of soccer game. David Beckham has also played for this club & it was Beckham’s last football club. The Los Angeles Galaxy comes in Worl’s top 5 Richest soccer club of the world. Here You will Find the History, Uniform, Players of the Los Angeles Galaxy soccer club. History of Los Angeles Galaxy Club This Soccer club was formed by Fall River Marksmen, Sam Mark in 1955. …

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UEFA Europa League History, Prize Money & Winners

UEFA Europa League is the professional football league which is organized and controlled by Internationale de Football Association (FIFA). In the league, the teams from Europe participate based on their performance in their respective leagues and cup tournaments. This European League was formed in the year 1791. At that time, it was called as UEFA CUP. In the league, total of 48 teams take part to win the battle. UEFA EUROPA LEAGUE Region Europe (UEFA) Date of formation 1971 Total teams 48 (group stage) & 160 (total) Most time winners Juventus, Internazionale and Liverpool (3 times) Current winner Chelsea (England) History …

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Indian National Football Team (INFT) History, Players List & Honors

Football in India is as popular as it has the popularity in other countries like U.S.A, U.K. Australia & other countries. The Indian National Football Team (INFT) is the national team & it is governed by the Indian federation which is All India Football Federation (AIFF). The AIFF is affiliated with Federation Internationale de Football association since 1948. The head coach of the team is Wim Koevermans. Right now the captain of INFT is Sunil Chhetri whose position is forward in the field.

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Football ball History, FIFA World Cup Balls and League balls

The ball used in football is also called as soccer ball. Basically the shape of the ball is sphere & It’s designed is based on standard weight, size and material which is specified by the laws of the game. Now days balls are totally changed with unique size & still the designers are working on designing a ball which can become the best suited for the game. A unique designed ball is selected for the FIFA World Cup. Also every league tournament has its special ball for all matches.

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