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All You Need to Know about Diego Maradona Age, Bio and Facts

All You Need to Know about Diego Maradona Age, Bio and Facts

The “Hand of God” and the liv­ing legend of Napoli and the Argen­tini­an Inter­na­tion­al foot­ball team is a foot­ball icon for mil­lions of fans. The play­er boasts an aston­ish­ing career lead­ing his inter­na­tion­al team to the FIFA World Cup vic­tory in 1986.

He played like for sev­er­al top clubs includ­ing Bar­celona.  How­ever, Napoli appeared to be his home for many years. He led his team to numer­ous Ser­ia A titles and scored 115 goals. Marek Ham­sik is yet the only play­er who man­aged to equal the res­ult of the glor­i­ous Diego.

After so many years on and away from the pitch, (Maradona tried him­self as the Argen­tini­an inter­na­tion­al team man­ager) let’s have a short flash­back. Who is Diego Maradona? What is Maradona age? How many chil­dren does he have? Is he mar­ried or not? There are so many ques­tions still to answer. So, let’s get star­ted!

How Old is Maradona?


Hail­ing from Buenos Aires, Diego Armando was born on Octo­ber 30, 1960. He is 58 years old. He man­aged to win numer­ous trophies through­out his long career. Maradona led sev­er­al teams to the vic­tory in loc­al cham­pi­on­ships (Argen­tina and Italy). Moreover, he ensured the award-win­ning vic­tory of the Argen­tini­an inter­na­tion­al team in the FIFA 1968 final.

Maradona was mar­ried once. He was accused of tak­ing drugs dur­ing his career and after retir­ing. The play­er was forced to com­plete the rehab pro­gram. He has chil­dren and tries to stay involved in foot­ball as far as he can.

Diego Maradona Childhood

The future foot­ball icon was born 58 years ago in Buenos Aires, Argen­tina. He spent his child­hood in the province of the cap­it­al called Villa Fiorito. He had sev­en broth­ers and sis­ters. Although the fam­ily was rather poor and actu­ally lived from hand to mouth, it was close-knit house­hold.

At the age of three, the Hand of God got his first ball and star­ted play­ing on the streets with his mates from the bor­ough. At the age of 10, Diego got his chance to join Los Cebol­l­it­as youth team. It was one of the most pop­u­lar and recog­niz­able Argen­tini­an clubs by that time. Maradona over­whelmed spec­tat­ors and coaches with his incred­ible skills from the start. It helped him make a pro­fes­sion­al debut in the seni­or team at the age of 16.

Diego Maradona Professional Career

The Argen­tini­an foot­ball legend made a name for him­self as a fear­less and skill­ful mid­field­er. He was able to cre­ate a scor­ing oppor­tun­ity from noth­ing. Diego has always been a team play­er able to assist if the part­ner was in a poten­tially bet­ter scor­ing situ­ation.

The FIFA World Cup 1986 appeared to be the turn­ing point in his career. Maradona scored twice includ­ing his legendary goal in the quarterfi­nals against Eng­land. The Hand of God has turned into a sig­na­ture and monik­er for the award-win­ning play­er.

Diego Armando boasts a great record of accom­plish­ment of play­ing in World Cups fea­tur­ing 91 inter­na­tion­al appear­ances with 31 goals in four dif­fer­ent world cups. He played for Barca but did not gain much suc­cess from there. Mov­ing to Ser­ia A was a wise decision for the Argen­tini­an play­er. He scored 115 goals for his team and retired in 1997 at the age of 37. He suffered from mul­tiple injur­ies and decreas­ing shape because of tak­ing drugs.

Maradona Life off the Pitch

The play­er has always been quite a con­tro­ver­sial fig­ure. While per­form­ing amaz­ing skills on the pitch, he was involved in numer­ous scan­dals for tak­ing drugs. In 2000, he had his first heart attack and was forced to com­plete the treat­ment course. The same thing happened in 2004. Moreover, the play­er had to fight with obesity. For this reas­on, he was involved in the gast­ric sur­gery.

Des­pite all con­flicts and health prob­lems, Maradona was about to win the title of the best play­er in the 20th cen­tury. Unfor­tu­nately for his fans, Diego was forced to share the prize with Pele but refused to stay on stage with the legendary Brazili­an.

In the year 2008, Diego Armando tried him­self as the Argen­tini­an inter­na­tion­al team man­ager dur­ing the FIFA World Cup in 2010. How­ever, the effort appeared to be an epic fail­ure after the 4–0 defeat against Ger­many. Not even Messi could help his mates.

Des­pite all rumors, scan­dals, health prob­lems and fail­ures, Maradona is still the liv­ing legend for mil­lions of fans around the globe. He is the Argen­tini­an hero.

Maradona Family, Wife and Children

The suc­cess on the pitch was replaced by fail­ures in his per­son­al life. Maradona was mar­ried once between 1986 and 2003. His ex-wife’s name is Claudia Vil­la­fane. Later Maradona pro­posed to a 23-year old mod­el Rocio Olivia but was rejec­ted.

The play­er has five chil­dren. The last one whose name is Diego Sina­gra was not recog­nized by Diego for a long time. How­ever, the liv­ing legend accep­ted Sina­gra as a son who was born by a woman from Naples. She was rumored to have some affairs with Maradona. His cur­rent fam­ily con­sists of two daugh­ters from his first mar­riage as well as a young son Diego Fernando and a young­er daugh­ter Jana.

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