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FIFA World Cup trophy history, design, weight & size

The preparations for FIFA World cup of 2014 is still running in Brazil. One side the qualification matches are in process & on the other side, the trophy tour is running over all nations. But have ever you imagined that what makes this award world’s best? It is not just a trophy it’s much more. Here is its history, design & weight in detail.

Earlier Trophy of FIFA World cup

Trophy of FIFA wolrd cupWhen FIFA organized its 1st football world cup, then it honored the whole winning team with The Jules Rimet trophy. It was first given in the year of 1930. That was awarded to first cup champion Uruguay.  It was designed by Abel Lafleur. It was designed gold plated silver sterling which was mounted on white marble. Later in 1958, its white base was replaced & the total size of that award remained 35cm with total weight of 3.8kgs. It represented the ancient Greek goddess of victory.  First football world cup was held in Uruguay & hosting nation won 1st title after beating Argentina in finals by 4–2. Thereafter 2nd time it was given to Italy in its home in 1938. At that time World War was main issue & vice president of federation, Ottorino Barassi, hid it inside a shoe box. It was secretly transported to Rome. That decision was taken to prevent it from stealing of Nazis. But in 20-03-1966, 4 months before FIFA World cup of 1966 (England), it was stolen. That incident took place at Westminster Central hall during a public exhibition. Luckily, after 7 days, it was founded wrapped in newspaper with the help of dog Pickels.

New trophy of FIFA World Cup

World-Cup-Trophy Then the federation decided to change the layout. The earlier one was replaced with new design. Silvio Gazzeniga, the man who designed it & also was awarded for his perfect job. For this new design, total of 53 requests were received from 7 nations. The total height of new award is 36.5cm. About 5kg of gold of 18 carat is used for making it. Its diameter is 13cm with 2 malachite layers at bottom. International Football Federation say’s that it solid but, University of globe section has declared it hollow. If it were solid then it weighs up to 75kg which is very heavy. So its correct weight is 6.175kgs. It was first given to captain of German National football team, Franz Beckenbauer in 1974 final. Now Spain is currently holding this title. Will we get new champion of this biggest tournament or  already winners will raise it in their hands again? For this you have to just wait for next year.

Winners of Jules Rimet & FIFA World Cup Trophy

National team Year National team Year
Uruguay 1930, 1950 West Germany 1974, 1990
Italy 1934, 1938 Argentina 1978, 1986
West Germany 1954 Italy 1982, 2006
Brazil 1958, 1962, 1970 Brazil 1994, 2002
England 1966 Frnace 1998
Spain 2010



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