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Andrei Stasialovich


April, 2021

  • 7 April

    Reviewing Chelsea’s Seven 2020 Signings

    In a bid to close the gap between Chelsea and the reigning champions, Liverpool FrankLampard brought in seven players. He was entrusted with a huge budget after guiding histeam to a third finish behind Manchester United on goal difference. As the season began,punters got ready with their Bet365 bonus code as they looked forward to a great seasonfor the blues, for a great betting opportunity. Chelsea had to make do with academygraduates Tammy Abraham, Mason Mount, Fikayo Timori, and Reece James as they wereserving a transfer ban in the previous transfer window. Lampard had 200 million GBP to bolster his squad. Chelsea …

  • 7 April

    Two UEFA Champions League quarterfinals will be played in Germany and Portugal today

    Shupo-Moting instead of Lewandowski The day’s main match is evident because we are waiting for a remake of last year’s Champions League final in Munich. Then PSG was a step away from a dream but missed the decisive goal from their academy Coman’s pupil. At that moment, I remember the long lists of those who could not or did not want to keep the Paris club, which prefers to spend tens and hundreds of millions of euros on ready-made stars. The last off-season turned into the loss of the gifted all-rounder Kouassi, who felt that he had more prospects in …

  • 6 April

    Champions League today! 1/4 final. Real Madrid vs Liverpool, Manchester City vs Borussia Dortmund

    Today will be the first matches of the 1/4 finals of the Champions League. Manchester City will host Borussia Dortmund; Real Madrid will play Liverpool. Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane has shared his expectations for the upcoming first leg of the Champions League quarter-final against Liverpool. “I think that my team is underestimated. I have a lot of confidence in my team, and I know what they can do. While there is still a chance, we never give up.We will all fight together. We’ve had some difficult moments this season, and we’re looking better now, but that doesn’t mean anything …

March, 2021

  • 30 March

    Official: Aguero to leave Manchester City

    Manchester City striker Sergio Aguero has announced that he will leave the club at the end of this season via Twitter. “Citizens” confirmed the information. “When the cycle comes to an end, there are many different sensations. I leave the team with a sense of satisfaction and pride after ten seasons at Manchester City. In the modern world, such a period in one club for a professional football player is unusual. These ten seasons have included outstanding achievements. I became the club’s top scorer in history and felt a strong connection with everyone who loves this team. All these people …

  • 30 March

    Nine years in the shadows. Why did Benzema start to be appreciated only now?

    Karim Benzema - Real Madrid C.F.

    Real Madrid is in a difficult situation right now. It just so happens that the fate of a potential championship hangs in the balance, and the saviour was not a young talent, but the same Karim Benzema — a man who was written off so many times that there is no point in even counting. Now it is no exaggeration to say that both the club and its coach’s future depends on him. “It will be Benzema,” Zidane said shortly when asked who will be a crucial player in the “cream” attack next year. Not Holand, not Ronaldo, not Mbappe. Benzema. …

  • 25 March

    Juventus decided to sell Paulo Dybala

    Paulo Dybala - Juventus F.C.

    Juventus striker Paulo Dybala is likely to leave the team in the summer transfer window. According to Corriere Dello Sport, the Turin club’s management in the person of vice-president Pavel Nedved decided to sell the 27-year-old football player. Paulo will be put on a transfer ahead of the summer off-season. Dybala has been defending the colours of Juventus since 2015 and previously played for Palermo in his homeland, Argentina. This season, the striker took part in 11 matches of the Italian Serie A (in 8 he was in the starting line-up), in which he scored two goals and gave two …

  • 23 March

    Five teammates who couldn’t find common ground with Lionel Messi

    Football player - Team sport

    Perhaps no one would not want to play with the great Lionel Messi. Still, it was not always possible to find a common language with the Argentine. And this is important — football is a team sport, and if all the elements of the squad are not played, it will be impossible to achieve success. And if at Barcelona, where Messi has long been considered perhaps the greatest footballer in history, someone fell out with the Argentine, he was waiting for only one thing-an an imminent departure. Today we will talk about those who could not work together with the …

  • 22 March

    Where will Ronaldo go? We talk about the future of the Portuguese “star”

    Cristiano Ronaldo - Juventus F.C.

    Like many others, Juventus is experiencing financial difficulties, and management is seriously thinking about saving money. His main star Cristiano Ronaldo is no longer young, and it seems to many that the money for his salary would be worth investing in someone else. You can argue for a long time about whether such talk is fair and whether Ronaldo’s fault in the shameful departure from the Champions League is great. Still, football is a capricious sport, and modern viewers are more interested in the success of young stars like Erling Holland and Kilian Mbappé. In other words, Juve can hardly …

  • 18 March

    Bayern Munich and Chelsea became the last quarter-finalists of the football League

    Logo - Trademark

    German “Bayern” and English “Chelsea” made it to the quarterfinals of the Champions League. After a confident away victory over Lazio in Rome (4:1), the German Bundesliga leader won in Munich — 2:1. Bayern took the lead in the 31st minute of the home meeting after a penalty implemented by Polish forward Robert Lewandowski. After the break, Cameroonian Maxime Choupo-Motin doubled the score, and at the end of the match, Marco Parlo reduced the gap to a minimum. The English capital game was held with the advantage of “Chelsea”, who beat the Spanish “Atletico” from Madrid with 2:0. In the …

  • 17 March

    Kylian Mbappe: what awaits the most gifted player in Europe?

    Kylian Mbappé - Liverpool F.C.

    They say that one picture is worth a thousand words. This certainly applies to the stunning photo in which the photographer captured Gerard Pique desperately grabbing the shirt of Kylian Mbappe rushing towards the goal.  While Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo were licking their wounds after the European debacle in the middle of the week, the Frenchman celebrated perhaps his brightest moment in the Champions League. We have talked for a long time about how good and talented he is, but in 2021, what has been predicted for so long may finally happen: Mbappe will finally establish himself as an elite …

  • 9 March

    The Overlap Between Football & Basketball

    If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you’re already football-obsessed. However, if there is another sport you follow with a passion, there’s a good chance it’s basketball — well, at least more so than sports like American football or baseball. You see, both football and basketball share a slew of similarities, which draws a shared interest from many fans across the world. This phenomena is actually a recent occurrence, too. Let’s delve deeper into that two-sport overlap and see how we got here to begin with. Global Popularity We already know football is THE most-followed sport in the entire world. …