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UEFA Europa League History, Prize Money & Winners

UEFA Europa League is the professional football league which is organized and controlled by Internationale de Football Association (FIFA). In the league, the teams from Europe participate based on their performance in their respective leagues and cup tournaments. This European League was formed in the year 1791. At that time, it was called as UEFA CUP. In the league, total of 48 teams take part to win the battle.


RegionEurope (UEFA)
Date of formation1971
Total teams48 (group stage) & 160 (total)
Most time winnersJuventus, Internazionale and Liverpool (3 times)
Current winnerChelsea (England)

History of the EUROPA League

In the year 1971, the League was formed with total 11 teams. Lots of changes were made with this football league including its name, logo and qualifications. The first match was played in the season of 1971–72. That match was played between Wolverhampton Wanderers vs. Tottenham Hotspur. Hotspur is the club which has won the first match of the league. The First tournament was won by Juventus. Currently, the English football club Chelsea is the Champion of this League.

It is known that 4 teams have won UEFA Cup & also their domestic league competitions. These winners are Goteborg, Galatasaray , FC Porto and CSKA Moscow in the year of 1982, 2000, 2003 and 2011 respectively. Till 2008 season, the league was known as UEFA Cup & after that it is called as UEFA EUROPA League. The 3rd tire of UEFA which is UEFA Intertoto Cup was stopped to continue.

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Changes in Logos of the League:

1. The 1st logo of the league three football players were designed playing football inside the orange round. The color of men was green with a green football. The name of the league was designed below this design. UEFA opt this logo until the season of 2004 & thereafter the changes were made in the next.

2. It was the year 2004, from which a new trademark was created. In this logo a trophy was made with 2 colors i.e. blue and violet with three stripes completing the trophy. The footballers were also scripted in this creation. The name was written in green color. This new trademark was selected for the next 6 years from the season of 2004 to 2009.

3. It is the third time at which the final design was made and this creation. The brand new design of logo is created which taken from the year 2010. It is the simplest and easiest but describing logo of the league of the UEFA EUROPA. It is consists of round inside which the trophy is designed. The trophy is designed with 4 stripes. The color of stripes is red and the color of round is orange.

Prize money for the teams


This league gives lots of prizes with money to the winning & to the other teams. Not only winners get money, but the teams which played well also honored. The Prize money is based on the performance of the teams that is divided in payments.

  • First Qualifying Round: €100,000
  • Second Qualifying Round: €100,000
  • Third Qualifying Round: €100,000
  • Play Off-Round: €100,000
  • Base fee for group stage: €1,300,000
  • Group match victory: €200,000
  • Group match draw: €100,000
  • Group winners: €400,000
  • Group runner-ups: €200,000
  • Round of 32: €200,000
  • Round of 16: €350,000
  • Quarter finals: €450,000
  • Semi-finals: €1,000,000
  • Losing Finalist: €2,500,000
  • Winners: €5,000,000
Winners of the EUROPA League
Football ClubWinnerRunner UpYear
Juventus311977, 1990, 1993
Internazionale311991, 1994, 1998
Liverpool301973, 1976, 2001
Borussia Monchengladbach221975, 1979
Tottenham Hotspur211972, 1984
Atletico Madrid202010, 2012
Feyenoord201974, 2002
Goteborg201982, 1987
Real Madrid201985, 1986
Parma201995, 1999
Porto202003, 2011
Sevilla202006, 2007
PSV Eindhoven101978
Eintracht Frankfut101980
Ipswich Town101981
Bayer Leverkusen101988
Bayern Munich101996
Schalke 04101997
CSKA Moscow102005
Zenit St. Peterburg102008
Shakhtar Donetsk102009


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