Wednesday , 6 July 2022


Edmundo: The “Beast” who was his main enemy

History knows many great Brazilian footballers. Some are talked about even many years after their departure. However, someone is delighting viewers from all over the world right now. Edmundo’s story begins as standard: in the slums of Rio. Teixeira de Freitas Street was only 30 kilometres from Ipanema, but for the locals, there was no difference: that 30, that 3000. Reynaldo de Souza was not thinking about football but about raising a family. Like his father, he was a barber, but the salary was not enough. While his wife was moonlighting as a cleaner, he was thinking about providing his children, …

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Football legends: Ronaldo. National team career

Yesterday we published an article in which we recalled Ronaldo’s club career in detail. But don’t forget that Ronaldo has had an excellent job for the Brazilian national team. Ronaldo was invited to the Brazilian national team in March 1994, and his debut took place in a match against Iceland. The Brazilians won 3–0, and the newcomer took part in all the goals: a goal, an assist and a penalty earned. As a result, Carlos Alberto Pereira included Ronaldo in the Brazilian national team’s bid for the 1994 World Cup. And although the young striker did not enter the field …

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Football legends: Ronaldo

He the best forward of his era and one of the best in the history of football. And many generally consider him the best player of all time. The opinion is controversial, but it also has the right to exist. In this article, we will take a detailed look at Ronaldo’s club career. Ronaldo was born in Rio de Janeiro, the third child in a poor Brazilian family. However, poverty also has its criteria – the family of Nelio and Sonia Nazario never lived in the favelas. I also worked in a telephone company. It was primarily thanks to him …

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