Thursday , 28 May 2020

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Jaap Stam, Virgil Van Dijk, Liverpool

Jaap Stam Praised the Rise of Liverpool’s Defender

A fascinating rise of Virgil van Dijk has been praised by Jaap Stam, a Dutch football manager. Stam thinks that it’s really exciting to see how a Dutch defender achieving his goals and rising. It’s very notable as nobody believed in Dijk, nobody looked at him like at the remarkable defender. Thus, big teams in the Netherlands had no desire to work with him, but Dijk decided to go to Scotland and play there for Celtic. There was a fascinating development, several tough leagues, and finally Liverpool. Now he is a great defender, who still struggles with challenges and strives …

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Timo Werner, Liverpool, Jurgen Klopp

Jurgen Klopp had an online meeting with Timo Werner as Liverpool mull over the transfer

Liverpool has been extensively linked with Timo Werner, a professional footballer from Germany, who is a striker of RB Leipzig. Werner also is the object of interest for other clubs, including Chelsea. Raphael Honigstein, a football expert from Germany, has claimed that Jurgen Klopp had an online meeting with Timo Werner. He was closing in on a £52 million shift to Liverpool before the COVID-19 ruined the plans. Honigstein suggests that Werner and Klopp have some hesitations concerning the future deal as they don’t know the influence of soccer coming back. They both are waiting for the time, when everything …

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May, 2020

  • 22 May

    Jamie Carragher talked about his thrilling FA Cup plan that might influence Arsenal and Chelsea

    Jamie Carragher talked about his thrilling FA Cup plan that might influence Arsenal and Chelsea

    It’s been devised that the most long-waited cup competition is in danger of not being completed for the first time in 149 years. There is an opinion that clubs in the Premier League will give its support for ending the remaining 7 cup games, although their priority is the conclusion of over 90 matches left to specify the final standings in the table. This leaves the London clubs sweating on a verdict. Jamie Carragher would like to watch this season’s FA Cup moved to a new date to provide the concluding steps of a World Cup, all the rest games …

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  • 21 May

    Jurgen Klopp’s impression from the return to Liverpool training — “I felt like a schoolboy”

    Jurgen Klopp’s impression from the return to Liverpool training - “I felt like a schoolboy”

    Jurgen Klopp, the manager of Liverpool, was very excited to return to long-awaited training after the COVID-19 quarantine that brought soccer to a standstill two months ago. Thus, for Klopp Wednesday was like his first day of school.  Yesterday’s session was the first time Liverpool footballers have taken to their Melwood training pitches since the start of coronavirus quarantine. The representatives of leading teams decided to renew training at Monday’s shareholders’ meeting, there were no objections concerning the matter. According to the so-called ‘Project Restart’,  players can train, but there are some restrictions.  Yesterday Klopp saw just 10 players and …

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  • 20 May

    Who Are the Best IPL Players of All Time?

    The IPL is the most popular cricket league on the planet. About 10 years ago, it was the first sports event to be broadcast live on a YouTube channel. One of the reasons for the amazing popularity of the IPL is the array of world-class players that gather in India every year to play in the T20 cricket tournament. Undoubtedly, India has the greatest cricket following on the planet. The IPL is the number one league in the country with far more followers than the famous Indian Super League. During its history, a number of great players have competed for …

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  • 20 May

    Troy Deeney has refused to return to training, who else?

    Troy Deeney, Watford

    Troy Deeney, who plays as a striker for and is the captain of Premier League club Watford, don’t want to renew training, as he doesn’t want to jeopardize the health of his son and the entire family. Deeney is just not ready to become a transmitter of coronavirus. There are concerns that some of the other Watford players also can follow him, but there are no certain judgments for now. Denney’s decision might influence on other players, they can speak out if there are any objections concerning training during the pandemic. There could be others who also have concerns and …

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  • 19 May

    M’Baye Niang advised Camavinga on Real Madrid

    Eduardo Camavinga Can Join Real Madrid

    Eduardo Camavinga, a 17-year old midfielder from Angola, has been the subject of increased interest by Real Madrid for a specific period of time. M’Baye Niang, who plays as a forward for Rennes, gave him a little advice concerning joining Los Blancos. In his Instagram blog, Niang discussed the Camavinga’s possibility to become a player of Real Madrid. He thinks that it’s better to make the right choices in life, as there is no solid reason to stride ahead too fast making irrevocable mistakes. Rennes forward is sure that Camavinga must think a lot about offers from such respected people …

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March, 2020

  • 22 March

    CONIFA 2020 — Organization and Teams

    The Confederation of Independent Football Associations or CONIFA was established in 2013 and held its first World Cup tournament in the summer of 2014 in Östersund, Sweden. The idea behind CONIFA was to gather all states, minorities, regions, and stateless people together to form an association of football teams not governed by FIFA. The tournament is held every two years. Abkhazia hosted the 2016 Cup with the tournament held in Georgia. The 2018 Cup’s location was hosted by Barawa in London, England. Last year, the CONIFA 2020 Football Cup experienced some host and location alterations.   Somaliland was the original …

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February, 2020

  • 16 February

    Are the Odds Up for Ole?

    Manchester United’s fortunes have been up and down since the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson.  Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, one of many ex-players taking on the gauntlet of managership, is one of several head coaches who has found himself under intense scrutiny.  In fact, odds suggest that his sacking from United could be imminent.  Whether you’re an online betting fan or spend most of your time at casinos such as LeoVegas, Solskjaer’s impending doom will likely have been apparent to you. Solskjaer’s Sorrows Taking the helm at United is not an easy job.  However, early on in his time as manager …

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January, 2020

  • 15 January

    The hidden talents of football stars

    Top footballers are already crazy talented at their jobs, at least most of the time. A lot of these athletes are also talented in other areas, some may dominate other sports. There are for sure there few talents on this list that will come as a surprise. So, if you are ready, let’s find out what the biggest stars on the field can master when they are not playing football: Poker There are plenty of poker aficionados on the football field, two of the biggest names are Gerard Pique and Ronaldo. The Barcelona defender has won every title our there …

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  • 13 January

    Pep Guardiola has his eyes set on the Champions League title

    Manchester City managed to beat Everton 2–1 in their opening game of 2020. They remain in the third position in the league table, 14 points behind leaders Liverpool and only one point behind second-placed Leicester City. While some hopefuls keep on talking about the Sky Blues challenging to finish the season in top place, manager Pep Guardiola has spoken up and claimed his side could finish as low as eighth. The 48-year-old Spaniard commented in a recent interview saying that after being Premiership champions for the last two seasons, and now being so far off the pace set by Liverpool …

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December, 2019

  • 4 December

    Four football games worth trying as an alternative to FIFA

    When it comes to racing games, first person shooters or city building games, even those with only a passing interest in gaming could probably reel off two or three examples of each. However, as far as football is concerned, there is one title that has cornered the market in a way that you just don’t see elsewhere in the gaming world. Originally known as EA Soccer, the first FIFA game was released for the PC, Amiga and Sega in the run up to Christmas 1993. Yes, that’s 26 years ago, and at the same time, Mr Blobby and Take That …

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October, 2019

  • 1 October

    Champions League secont tour. What to expect tonight?

    The first round of the group stage is over. It gave us incredible and unpredictable games. After the second round, which ends on Wednesday, favorites may appear in groups. Real Madrid hopes to win the match against Brugge so as not to lag behind the PSG in the struggle for leadership in the group. PSG, in turn, is not going to concede galatasaray. Victory will provide them with confident dominance in the group. In group C today will be a match between the leaders — Manchester City and Dynamo Zagreb. The favorite in the match is the English team. Tottenham …

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September, 2019

  • 9 September

    Virgil Van Dijk’s contract and other EU transfers

    “virgil van dijk’s contract and other eu transfers”

    It has been reported that Virgil van Dijk will stay at Liverpool at least until the end of 2025. In 2018, the 28-year-old player left Southampton in favor of Anfield attracted by $92,36m. The deal suggested he would stay with the club at least until 2023. Now the player has reportedly made another deal with the Reds. The new contract will enable him to gain about $246,290 on a weekly basis, which is apparently more than his previous outcome of $153,930 a week. Nevertheless, Van Dijk doesn’t appear to be the most expensive defender in the world any longer because …

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  • 9 September

    Manchester City and Manchester United clash for Florentino Luis

    “manchester city and manchester united clash for florentino luis”

    Manchester United are on the verge of fighting their rivals Manchester City. The clubs are eager to sign Florentino Luis. The player is reportedly worth $112,06m. Scouts from Old Trafford have been already sent to assess the young player. The previous season, the player aged 20 had 15 appearances for the Portuguese club having stepped up from the Benfica B squad in February. The player is set to play a major role in the Primeira Liga as well as the Champions League this football season. Benfica have already estimated their player at $112,06m. However, Manchester City intend to sign Florentino …

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  • 7 September

    Roy Keane hasn’t moved to Juventus

    “roy keane hasn’t moved to juventus”

    Roy Keane was just one step become part of Juventus but something went wrong. During his stay at Manchester United, the player aged 48 turned out to be a leading midfielder. The Irish sportsman was never afraid of challenges and appreciated getting stuck into the Italian side during the club’s series of blockbuster encounters with them in the late 1990s. Lippi, the ex-Juventus trainer saw great benefits in Keane’s back, so he was eager to bring the legend to Turin after his glorious days in 1999. Unfortunately, the deal failed due to the fact personal terms weren’t agreed. Lippi told …

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  • 7 September

    West Ham is going to back current transfer deadline date

    “west ham is going to back current transfer deadline date”

    Those football clubs used for brinkmanship, are going to back getting back to the longer summer transfer window. The football world has heavily criticized the system used before. Its deadline was the end of August. It has been found quite chaotic. What’s more, wealthier football clubs were used to misusing it since they had up to 3 weeks to have the team stress-tested and add a couple of sportsmen if required. That’s the reason why West Ham backs retaining the current Premier League transfer deadline date. West Ham actually expect Spanish, German, French as well as Italian leagues to join …

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