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All winners of Copa America football

Copa America All Winners List

List of all winners of Copa America Football Competition in history

The Copa America is known as the main football competition of South America which is played between football teams of CONMEBOL. Its first competition was played in 1916 in Argentina that was played among four football teams. Uruguay National Football Team was the first and last champions of this campaign. Also, Uruguay is the most successful team of Copa America as they have won it fifteen times. Get ready to know about the all winners of CA. Given below is the list for which you are looking for.

All winners of Copa America football

Year Host Winners Runners-up
1916 Argentina Uruguay Argentina
1917 Uruguay Uruguay Argentina
1919 Brazil Brazil Uruguay
1920 Chile Uruguay Argentina
1921 Argentina Argentina Brazil
1922 Brazil Brazil Paraguay
1923 Uruguay Uruguay Argentina
1924 Uruguay Uruguay Argentina
1925 Argentina Argentina Brazil
1926 Chile Uruguay Argentina
1927 Peru Argentina Uruguay
1929 Argentina Argentina Paraguay
1935 Peru Uruguay Argentina
1937 Argentina Argentina Brazil
1939 Peru Peru Uruguay
1941 Chile Argentina Uruguay
1942 Uruguay Uruguay Argentina
1945 Chile Argentina Brazil
1946 Argentina Argentina Brazil
1947 Ecuador Argentina Paraguay
1949 Brazil Brazil Paraguay
1953 Peru Paraguay Brazil
1955 Chile Argentina Chile
1956 Uruguay Uruguay Chile
1957 Peru Argentina Brazil
1959 Argentina Argentina Brazil
1959 Ecuador Uruguay Argentina
1963 Bolivia Bolivia Paraguay
1967 Uruguay Uruguay Argentina
1975 NA Peru Colombia
1979 NA Paraguay Chile
1983 NA Uruguay Brazil
1987 Argentina Uruguay Chile
1989 Brazil Brazil Uruguay
1991 Chile Argentina Brazil
1993 Ecuador Argentina Mexico
1995 Uruguay Uruguay Brazil
1997 Bolivia Brazil Bolivia
1999 Paraguay Brazil Uruguay
2001 Colombia Colombia Mexico
2004 Peru Brazil Argentina
2007 Venezuela Brazil Argentina
2011 Argentina Uruguay Paraguay
2015 Chile - -

Team with most number of titles: Uruguay have won it 15 times, more than any other team.

Most wins in Copa America: Argentina have won most number of matches. They have played 174 games out of which they won 111 matches, loss 31 and drew 31.

Most Losses in Copa America: Chile have suffered most losses in this competition. So far, they were defeated 81 times.

Most appearances in Copa America final: La Albiceleste [The white and sky blues, Argentina] have played most finals with total count of 26, won 14 times.

The 44th edition of Copa America will be held in Chile from 11th June to 4th July. Ten teams from South America and two invited teams [Jamaica and Mexico] will play this competition in Chile.

That’s all about all past winners of Copa America. Hope you like it. 🙂

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