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Football ball History, FIFA World Cup Balls and League balls

The ball used in football is also called as soccer ball. Basically the shape of the ball is sphere & It’s designed is based on standard weight, size and material which is specified by the laws of the game. Now days balls are totally changed with unique size & still the designers are working on designing a ball which can become the best suited for the game. A unique designed ball is selected for the FIFA World Cup. Also every league tournament has its special ball for all matches.

History of ball of Football

FIFA_foot_ball_historyIn early matches of football, the ball used in games is made of animal bladder. The balls were so heavy & the players felt pain on kicking the ball. In the year 1863, the 1st was come to be used by Football Association. With change in time the balls become advanced & advanced. One the biggest change in a ball was created by Charles Goodyear & Domenico Nobili. Both of them invented rubber vulcanization for football ball.

Through medieval times balls were commonly made of associate outer shell of animal skin full of cork shavings. One other technique of designing ball was victimization animal bladders for the within of the ball making it expansive. However, these 2 forms of making footballs created it simple for the ball to puncture and were inadequate for kicking.

Balls Used in FIFA World Cup

1934Federale 102ECAS, Rome1934_ball
1938 Allen, ParisAllen-1938
1950Duplo TSuperballDuplo_T-1950
1954Swiss World ChampionKost Sport, BaselSwiss_World_Champion-1954
1958Top StarSydsvenska Lader och Remfarbriken1958_ball
1962Crack Top starSenor CustodioZamora HCrack-1962
1966Challenge 4‑starSlazenger1966
1974Telstar DurlastAdidas100px-Fifaworldcup1974
1978TangoAdidas 100px-Adidas_Tango_Argentina_(River_Plate)_1978_cup_Official_ball
1982Tango EspanaAdidas100px-1982
1990Etrusco UnicoAdidas100px-World_Cup_1990_Football
1998TricoloreAdidas 100px-Adidas_tricolore_1998

 Use of Football Balls by different Leagues

Balls used in Leagues
League NameBall
English Premier LeagueNike Maxim
Primera DivisionPuma King ball
La LigaNike Maxim
Campeonato Brasileiro Serie ANike Maxim
BundesligaAdidas Torfabrik
Serie ANike Maxim
Ligue 1Adidas Le 80
Argentina Primera DivisionAdidas Tango Argentina 12
Russian Premier LeagueAdidas Tango 12
Liga SagresAdidas Tango 12
Super LigNike Maxim
Super League GreeceNike Maxim
Liha 1Nike Maxim
Scottish Premier LeagueMitre REVOLVE FL
J. League DivisionAdidas Tango 12
Bulgarian A PFGPuma
Major League SoccerAdidas Prime
Chinese Super LeagueNike
A‑LeagueNike Seitiro
Welsh Premier LeagueNike
Indonesian Premier LeagueNike Maxim
Derbystar Brilliant APSKNVB Eredivisie


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