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Ronaldinho Age, Bio, Career, and Life

Also known as the absolute football Wizard, Ronaldinho has been a soccer icon for millions of fans around the world for many decades. He managed to win numerous trophies and prestigious titles in addition to his two Player of the Year awards. Despite years of playing for different clubs, he never seems to change or grow old.
What is current Ronaldinho age? Are there any new facts about Ronaldinho family? What is the last Ronaldinho team? Does his still play football? So many things we are to learn about one of the brightest Brazilian soccer stars of our age. 

Ronaldinho date of birth and Early Life

Born on March 21, 1980, the future football pearl hailed from Porto Alegre. A young boy was encouraged to play football by his brother and dad who was also a popular player of his time. However, playing on the pitch was hardly a good source of income at that period. For this reason, Ronaldinho family was pretty poor. His father was forced to work at the shipyard dock to earn some extra money. Ronaldinho elder brother Roberto was also a promising player and managed to join the Gremio football club at his early age. Unfortunately for Roberto, he was severely injured and had nothing to do but to forget about a professional football career.
Considering the tragic situation with his brother, Ronaldinho got the inspiration from his father who was like an idle to a future Brazilian prodigious player. Despite father’s death when the player was only 8 years old, he remembers all the right things his dad taught him. They included honesty, sincerity and total devotion to the path Ronaldinho chose. From that time, Ronaldinho started playing organized youth football. 

What Team Did Ronaldinho Play for at the Beginning of His Career?

We all know the name of the biggest Ronaldinho club. However, do you know what team is Ronaldinho on today? Is he still playing? His incredible football path started at the age of 7 when he joined local beach football team as a part of his organized youth soccer career. He also took part in futsal games where he actually picked up some of his popular tricks and skills. A young talent performed greatly and soon got spotted by the U‑17 Brazilian International Team scouts. There Ronaldinho made a name for himself after scoring two unbelievable goals from the penalty.
Such performance ensured his way to Gremio team he joined in 1997. This was actually the first professional Ronaldinho club. One year after joining his first team, Ronaldinho made his first-ever appearance at Copa Libertadores. He showed great results, which made him a player of the starting lineup. The year 2001 appeared to be a turning point after he signed a contract with PSG featuring €5 million transfer cost. 

Where is Ronaldinho Playing Now?

Although he was not as successful as expected during Liga 1 season 2002–2003, he managed to become one of the best and most talented players in the French championship. He scored 12 goals making 38 appearances. However, his team failed to qualify to other major tournaments. The player was craving for tournaments and achievements. This is how he actually joined FC Barcelona in 2003. The Spanish club paid €30 million for the future soccer superstar. It was a huge step forward for the club and Ronaldinho who scored 22 goals plus 14 assists during the season. It helped Barcelona take the 2nd place in the final standings followed the winning of the league title in the next season. In 2005, he won his first prestigious title of “European Player of The Year”.
After winning several trophies with his club in addition to FIFA World Cup with the Brazilian international team, Ronaldinho faced some career problems and eventually had to leave Barcelona for AC Milan in 2008. He was put away from the Brazilian team due to the lack of goals and greater performances throughout the season in Seria A. Later he returned to his motherland where he played for Flamengo and Atlético Mineiro. Ronaldinho is currently not playing for any club.

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