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Messi Age
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How Old Is Messi? Biography, Family, Facts

Although one can hardly imagine a football fan who does not know Messi age, some less dedicated spectators still wonder how old is Lionel Messi.

Messi Age
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This is mainly due to his drastic image change feature a beard and a tattoo. Both certainly make him look older. Despite that brutal look in addition to numerous trophies and awards, the A‑star striker is 390 years old. Born in 1987, Barcelona superstar has already reached the highest career level any footballer could only imagine. While most of you are well aware of Messi goals and stats, this time we are going to dive deep into Messi family facts. We will find out some key facts about his career at the early childhood as well as drive you to the birth of striker’s kids. 

When Is Lionel Messi Birthday?

Lionel Messi birthday is on July 24, 1987. That was the day when the biggest football star has been born. Hailing from Rosario, Argentine, a future super striker was born in a family of a coach and social worker. It may sound surprising, but the grandmother was the one to spot her grandchild’s talent. If it were not for her, Messi would never visit his first training. At that time, Lionel was only 5 years old. That was the first page of Lionel Messi biography as the A‑list player. 

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Even after growth hormone deficiency, Messi never gave in and eventually grew into the world’s most awarded and successful footballer of modern times. His debut game for Barca was a huge success featuring 3 Messi goals at the age of 17. That was the turning point in his career followed by 2005 Golden Ball, the youngest player to hit the net 200 times in La Liga and more prestigious awards in addition to trophies both in the home and European championships.

Lionel Messi Biography

Hailing from Rosario, Argentina, Lionel is the son of Celia and Jorge Messi. A future football star grew up in a big family with three other siblings including Lionel’s sister Maria Sol and two of his elder brothers Matias and Rodrigo. The family was rather poor. Messi’s father was trying his best not to live from hand to mouth. He worked on a local factory as a steel worker. Lionel’s mother did not have a full-time job. She tried to earn some cash by offering part-time cleaning services. The year 1992 was the first time a future superstar tried football jersey and went on then pitch as the player of Grandoli team. By the way, his father was the coach of that local team. Three years passed. Messi proved to have a huge talent and potential. For this reason, he moved to Old Boys. That part of his career was far from a huge success. Although the striker did his best, the team actually lost in its every game. 

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After doctors diagnosed growth hormone deficiency when Messi was 11 years old, it was clear that he would not have the slightest chance to continue his career as a footballer. Local clubs refused to offer financial support, as his parents could not afford the treatment process. No one seemed to be willing to pay for Lionel’s cure. Luckily for the entire football world and Messi himself, the fate gave a pardon and brought the FC Barcelona sporting director Carles Rexach to solve Lionel’s health problems. He came to Messi’s aid and paid all his medical bills for one and only reason – to save the boy and get him to Barcelona football academy. That was the start of the long way and Lionel’s professional career as an A‑star striker. 

Messi Controversy Career Facts

Despite his current success, Messi was unintimidated by bigger boys in his childhood. His elder brothers loved playing football all the time. However, the future living legend was tagged alone. On the other hand, Lionel was the first from all his siblings to be recruited to the professional football club system. FIFA 2014 World Cup was another huge disappointment for the A‑list football player. Despite his talent and scoring stats for Barcelona, Lionel was sharply blamed for inability to help Argentinian National Tea, during the mundial. Although he was extremely helpful for the team especially for leading it to the Tournament Finals, Messi still feels guilty of that crucial loss to Germany. On the other hand, Lionel was named the MVP of the Tournament. 

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Copa America 2016 was also far from a huge success. Once again, the Argentinian team found itself in the tournament’s finals against Chili. Unfortunately, another fail made Messi step away from his performance in the International Team. 

Lionel Messi Family

After Dating Antonella Roccuzzo for several years, Barcelona forward eventually got married. She gave a birth to three of Lionel kids Thiago, Mateo, and Ciro who was born not so long ago. By the way, Messi family was the reason to miss one of his games for Barcelona, as Ciro was born on Friday night. The footballer had nothing to do but to stay with his wife instead of performing on the pitch. Is this actually the reason to blame him for? Certainly not. 

Messi Family
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the Hospital USP Dexeus was the place where all of Messi children were born. Lionel’s sister Carla was the first to hear the great news. She shared some photos on the Instagram with the whole Messi family that is becoming bigger and bigger. That does not seem to be a huge problem considering footballers current wage. It is approximately $44.68 million while Messi’s net worth is about $340 million. Although one will hardly believe that Barcelona will ever sell its prodigious player, a few clubs can really afford buying despite the fact all clubs want to see him in their lineup.

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