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What Is Messi Salary per Week and Worth in 2018?

The Argentinian striker has turned into a talisman for FC Barcelona winning numerous prestigious trophies and titles for his team. After Iniesta departed from the club, everyone expected Lionel to inherit the captain’s armband. The new season for the newly established Barcelona captain appeared to be not as successful as previous ones. However, even this fact hardly affected Messi weekly wage and total worth. The contract prolongation made Lionel the highest-paid footballer in the Spanish championship. Moreover, we should also consider Cristiano departure from La Liga to Seria A. It means that the Argentinian striker is very likely to have some good opponents in the nearest future when it comes to salary per week. 

What is Lionel Messi Salary per Week?

The new contract appeared to be a real bargain for Lionel. According to the new agreement, Messi weekly wage is going to be £500,000. This fact puts him on the second place among the top-paid players in Europe. Neymar takes the first place in this list. The new deal appeared to be a huge step forward if compared with previous Messi contract salary. Before getting the captain’s armband, Lionel earned about $290,000 per week. Today, only a few top stars earn more than Messi. However, most of them play in Asia representing some Chinese clubs popular for enormous salaries. Those players include Ezequiel Lavezzi who teamed up with Carlos Tevez in Chinese Super League that is believed to be the cash-richest league so far. 

Neymar is one to thank for current Messi salary per year. On the one hand, Brazilian departure has certainly put an ease on Barcelona wallet. Team’s management finally got a chance to get Neymar’s wage of the book. Moreover, they could benefit from a massive windfall as well. As a result, we have Messi as the highest-paid player not only in his club but also in La Liga, although Neymar earns more. 

Messi Sponsorship Deals and Business

As well as his eternal rival CR7, Messi has signed numerous beneficiary deals with various brands and sponsors. The most significant one refers to the major producer of Lionel’s boots. Adidas is the current supplier of sports gear to the Argentinian superstar. Another reason to compete with Ronaldo who has a sponsorship deal with Nike. 

Lionel is rumored to have a lifelong contract with Adidas just like CR7 with Nike. Nothing is heard about the terms of the agreement as well as Messi’s commissions. According to the attest Forbes reports, Lionel earned $28 million after collaborating with some other brands including Pepsi, Turkish Airlines, Lays, Gillette and some more. As for Messi personal business, the player is involved in various commercial fields. He has successfully pushed the line of underwire, fragrances, and shoes. Moreover, the Argentinian striker is constantly investing in property.

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