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The Mystery of Cristiano Ronaldo Baby Mama

CR7’s dream of becoming a father has come true. The Portuguese superstar already has four children. While the situation with his latest kids is pretty clear, all his fans still wonder who Cristiano Ronaldo Jr mother is. Nothing is known about her name and how they actually met with one of the best football players of our times. The mystery of Cristiano Ronaldo son mom still bothers many of his devoted supporters as well as mass media. Our mission here is to try to shed some light on the story of the current Juventus striker and Cristiano Ronaldo Jr mom. Let’s get to our story then. 

What is Cristiano Ronaldo Jr Age and Story?

Ronaldo Junior is the eldest kid in the CR7 family. Born on July 17, 2010, he has recently celebrated his eighth birthday with three of his other brothers and sisters. All of them are from different moms. The main mystery about the story behind Cristiano Ronaldo baby mama is the fact that nothing is actually known about her identity. The only thing is known is that Ronaldo was in relations with Russian model Irina Shayk at the times player’s first son was born. 

Moreover, the couple has only started their relations at the time Cristiano Jr was born. It was a sensation for the entire world. The news immediately hit the headlines. Irina seemed to have nothing against that fact. It appears that nobody with the Exception of Cristiano knows the name of Cristiano Ronaldo son’s mother. The layer claims to keep her identity in secret without even sharing it with his own mom. 

Will We Ever Know the Name of Cristiano Ronaldo Mom?

We probably won’t, unless some information spreads in mass media. The player promised the name of his eldest son’s mom would never get into the public. He seems to protect her identity by all means. A good news is that Ronaldo Jr will eventually find out that secret. His father claimed to tell him the truth when his son grows older. All we have to do is to wait until the proper time comes. 

How was Ronaldo Jr Born?

Despite all the secrets around Cristiano Ronaldo baby mom, there are some rumors regarding her identity. People say the baby was born from an American waitress who was seduced during Cristiano visit to the United States. They say it was a short affair after. When she became pregnant, she contacted Ronaldo and asked for financial support for the baby. 

The Portuguese footballer decided to take the baby and signed an agreement to get the full rights over the baby after the DNA test confirmed his fatherhood. According to some sources, he paid £10million for the agreement. According to that contract, his son’s mothers must keep silence. That was the time when he actually dated Paris Hilton. Another fact that proves Ronaldo to be a womanizer. According to another rumor, Cristiano was so eager to become a father that he turned to surrogate motherhood. By the way, the same thing happened to his twins. 

Cristiano Jr Today

Cristiano Ronaldo Jr is one of the happiest children in the world. He hardly lacks anything in his life especially considering his father’s new contract with Juventus and up to $28 million dollars yearly wage. The lack of a biological mother is also not quite a problem for the 8‑year old boy. He can benefit from the full family after CR7 started relations with Georgina who has turned from the current girlfriend into player’s wife and mother of his fourth child. 

The couple tries their best to deliver everything their children may need. A good news is that Georgina treats her new family and kids in the most loving manner. She teamed up with Ronaldo mother Dolores to create the best atmosphere for the children to grow. The birth of his four children changed Cristiano in a great way. He always strived to become a father. Now he can take the fullest from his life aside from the career of the most successful footballer. He became softer. We do hope that will never reflect on the pitch expecting new goals for his new team in a new season.

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