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What is Neymar Jr Height and Weight?

From early childhood, the prodigious Brazilian was used to being in the limelight. At the age of 17, he made his sensational debut on the international football arena. Since that time, Neymar has been amazing spectators with his overwhelming scoring and dribbling skills. While most sources regularly discuss latest rumors about the PSG striker, we will mainly focus on his body measurements to find out the exact Neymar height and weight as well as some other crucial body characteristics that let him stand out both on the field and in real life. What are the real measurements that make Neymar an outstanding athlete? 

How Tall Is Neymar Jr?

Players like Messi and Modric prove that football is hardly a game that requires players to be particularly tall. It is mainly about tactics, dribbling skills, great vision of the pitch as well as passing and striking abilities. Of course, we are not speaking about defenders who are mostly tall like Chiellini or Van Dijk. 

As a result, most successful payers do not boast enormous weight. The Brazilian striker is not an exception. Neymar height is less than 6 inch. According to the official stats, he is 5.9‑inch tall. However, he successfully compensates the lack of height with accuracy, speed, and flawless ball control. When we say “the official stats”, we mean his height without taking account Neymar haircuts that certainly make him look a bit taller. Most of his hairstyles resulted in numerous debates regarding the real Neymar Jr height. However, if you come across the PSG striker in the street, you will see how small he actually is. Maybe this is the reason why he prefers falling on the grounds rather than tackling. 

How about Neymar Weight?

The situation with Neymar weight is pretty complicated. According to available information, the player had some serious weight problems back in 2013. He was reported to weight 64 kg, which is very bad for the high-grade athlete. That was the reason for numerous rumors and concerning regarding Neymar health. 

Brazilian health conditions have improved over time. The official Neymar weight is 68 kg. Some experts still consider him as too light for a professional footballer. On the other hand, we have an example of Lionel Messi who is the 4‑time Player of the Year winner. He also had some serious problems with weight and height though managed to become the major football superstar of our times. 

Neymar Health Conditions

The player works hard to improve his health conditions and strengthen his body. He started gaining weight in the aim to reach the optimal conditions. As for Neymar, he has never been bothered by either his height and weight or the way he looks like to the public. The striker acts like a grown up over the last few years. He seems to be concentrated mainly on the game and his performance on the pitch.

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