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Top 10 Rivalries in Football Clubs of all time in Soccer

Today, football is at its peak level & it’s just because of football fans who made this game world’s most popular. Now, we are going to made a discussion about the top 10 rivalries in football of all time. As the game consists of lots of great players & clubs, they have selected name for a particular rivalry. Every season, these rivalries are waited with huge craze & madness. Lets start our discussion out this top 10 list.

Top 10 Rivalries of Football

10. Clasico De Avellaneda [Club Atletico Independiente Vs Racing Club]
Clasico De Avellaneda At the tenth spot, there is an Argentina rivalry which belongs to Argentina. The club Independiente was formed on first of January 1905 & the second clubs was found on 25 March 1903. The Racing club dominated the amateur era of Argentine football, winning more trophies than any other surviving club. Clasico De Avellaneda is held 205 times in which Independiente won 84 games with loss of 64 matches. Their rivals Racing club won 64 games with 84 losses. The remaining 64 games were draws. On 24 March, 1974 during the Matropolitano, Independiente won an El Cilindro with final score of 5–1. They also repeated 5–1 away win less than one year later on March 2, 1975 in the Metropolitano 1975.
9. Derby D’Italia [FC Inter Milan Vs Juventus]
Dery D'Italia It is an Italic football derby which is played between Inter Milan & Juventus. This term was coined back in 1967 by the famous Italian sports journalist Gianni Brera. The first match between these 2 teams was played on 14 November 1909 & in this Rivalry, Juventus made more victory than its rival.Football club Inter Milan made largest victory over its rival with 6–1 on 26 November 1911 & again on 4 January 1913. The zebras made big victory Inter by 9–1 on tenth June 1961 & by 7–2 on 14 December 1913.
8. Kitalararasi Derbi [Fenerbache SK Vs Galatasaray SK]
Kitalararasi Derbi In the list of top 10 rivalries, The Turkish derbi called Kitalararasi Derbi is there. The English name of this derbi is Intercontinental Derby which is played between Fenerbache SK & Galatasaray SK. The first game between 2 sides was a friendly game on Sunday, 17 January 1909.On 21 September 2003, these 2 clubs played the Super Lig game in front of 71,334 spectators. That was the highest audience recorded in this derbi. That game was ended with a draw of 2–2. The biggest win is achieved by Galatasaray by 7–0 in which only 7 players were playing in 12 February 1911.
7. Clasico dos Milhoes [Flamengo Vs Vasco da Gama]
Clasico dos Milhoes The English meaning of this rivalry is Derby of Millions. Since its first year of derbi, it capitalized on the already existing rivalry in rowing. But it took a whole new scales as football opened to the masses. It is named since its beginnings in the 1920 after the 2 largest fan bases from Rio state.First match between these 2 teams was played on 29 April 1923. Out of all games between these 2, Flamengo record highest wins with total of 130 wins over its rivalry. The largest victory is made by Vasco de Gama over Flamengo by 7–0.
6. Old Firm [Celtic Vs Rangers]
Old Firm Old Firm is a Scotland football rivalry which is the top rivalry in Scotland. The 2 clubs are the most successful clubs in that nation. The clubs have large support bases around Glasgow but also have supporters clubs in most towns throughout Scotland & in many cities around the world.Both teams played 399 games so far against each other in which Rangers recorded most wins with 159. The largest victory in this derbi is made by Celtic with 7–1 which was played on 19 October 1957. Out of these 399 games, 144 matches won by Celtic & remaining 96 games were draws.
5. Derby della Madonnina [Inter Milan Vs AC Milan]
Derby della Madonnina In this list there is one more rivalry of Italy which is called Derby della Madonnina. In this rivalry, Inter Milan & AC Milan football clubs are included. On 16 December 1899, Alfred Edwards & other founded the Milan Cricket & football club. Edwards, a former British vice consul in Milan & a well known personality pf the Milanese high society, was the club’s first elected president.First Derby Della Madonnina was took place on 18 October 1908. In this Derby, AC Milan made highest victory over Inter Milan by 6–3 on 30 April 1911. And, Inter Milan recorded highest victory over AC Milan by 5–0 on second February 1910 in Serie A Competition.
4. Clasico Del Futbol Uruguayo [Nacional Vs Penarol]
Clasico Del Futbol Uruguayo 2 top football clubs of Uruguay which are Club Nacional de Football & Club Atletico Penarol are included. As of 2012, these 2 soccer clubs won 90 of the 108 Uruguayan Primera division combined & lots of International competitions.The first meeting of these 2 teams was organized on 15 July 1900 & Since 1900, they faced each other 511 times. Out of these 2 clubs, Penarol is the oldest club which was founded as Central Uruguay Railway Cricket Club [CURCC] in the year of 1891.
3. Liverpool F.C. Vs Manchester United F.C. Rivalry
Liverpool vs Manchester United So here is an English rivalry which is at third spot in our top 10 most rivalries of football. One club belogs to city Liverpool & the other belongs to Manchester. These are also one of the most successful teams in England football. Long serving Manchester United player Ryan Giggs claimed that Liverpool against Manchester United is “probably the most famous fixture in English football.First head to head between these 2 teams was played on 28 April 1894. Till now they played 186 games against each other. The long serving Man United player Ryan Giggs played most matches in this rivalry. The largest victory was held by Liverpool on 12 October 1895 by 7–1.
2. El Superclasico [Club Atletico Boca Juniors Vs Atletico River Plate]
El Superclasico At second position, El Superclasico is there which involves clubs called Boca Juniors & Atletico River Plate. The Superclasico is known all over the world for its fierceness, competitiveness & the passion it awakens among the supporters & the players alike.In the year of 2004, an English newspaper, The Observer put the Superclasico in Boca’s Bombonera atop a list titled “50 Sporting things you must do before you die.” A peculiar aspect of this rivalry is the origin of these 2 teams.
1. El Clasico [Real Madrid C.F Vs FC Barcelona]
El Clasico So here is the most popular football rivalry which has two top football clubs. The rivalry between Real Madrid & Barcelona is top rivalry of football which is called El Clasico [The Classic]. This is a Spanish rivalry & these 2 teams plays in domestic league La Liga. Originally it refereed only to those competitions held in the Spanish Competition, but nowadays, in order to satisfy marketing needs, the term El Clasico has been generalized.First match between Real Madrid & Barcelona was played on 13 May 1902 which was a semi final head to head of Copa de la Coronacion between these two clubs. Out of all games, Real Madrid recorded highest wins ie 92 wins against Barcelona. The largest victory between these 2 clubs was made by Real Madrid with goal score of 11–1 on 13 June 1943 in Copa del Generalissimo 1943.

So these are top 10 football rivalries which are crafted just for you. You have a question regarding this list, then you can join discussion below.

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