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What Is Lionel Messi Annual Salary in 2019?

After Andres Iniesta announced the end of his professional career, Lionel Messi not only inherited the captain’s armband but also turned into a Barcelona and Argentinian team mascot. The previous season has brought new challenges and duties to the prodigious striker and newly-established team’s official leader. Does it mean Lionel Messi salary will go up as well? What is Messi annual salary in 2019? The previous year appeared to be a great success from salary perspectives. The Argentinian football star has become the highest-paid player in Spain starting from November 2018. This is mainly due to his contract renewal up …

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Ronaldinho Age, Bio, Career, and Life

Also known as the absolute football Wizard, Ronaldinho has been a soccer icon for millions of fans around the world for many decades. He managed to win numerous trophies and prestigious titles in addition to his two Player of the Year awards. Despite years of playing for different clubs, he never seems to change or grow old. What is current Ronaldinho age? Are there any new facts about Ronaldinho family? What is the last Ronaldinho team? Does his still play football? So many things we are to learn about one of the brightest Brazilian soccer stars of our age.  Ronaldinho date …

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What Is Messi Salary per Week and Worth in 2018?

The Argentinian striker has turned into a talisman for FC Barcelona winning numerous prestigious trophies and titles for his team. After Iniesta departed from the club, everyone expected Lionel to inherit the captain’s armband. The new season for the newly established Barcelona captain appeared to be not as successful as previous ones. However, even this fact hardly affected Messi weekly wage and total worth. The contract prolongation made Lionel the highest-paid footballer in the Spanish championship. Moreover, we should also consider Cristiano departure from La Liga to Seria A. It means that the Argentinian striker is very likely to have …

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Where to Buy Original Messi Soccer Jersey?

Lionel Messi boasts a long and successful football career after signing a contract with FC Barcelona back in 2000. For more than 18 years, the A‑list striker has been breaking different football records, scoring endless goals in various tournaments and winning various prestigious trophies and titles. The forward has changed numerous Messy soccer shirts over that time. Moreover, he has a huge Messi soccer jersey collection of his own!  Is It Possible to Find Messi Jersey Youth? The first Argentinian player’s team was Newell’s Old Boys. If considering this fact, finding the original Messi soccer jersey youth can be a tough …

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How Old is Neymar and Where Was He Born?

You do not need to be a football fan to know who Neymar is. A world’s famous Brazilian striker has become a real sensation over the last few years. He became the A‑list forward who took the challenge from such big names as Ronaldo and Messi. Despite his career highlights and stats, a few people actually know about Neymar age as well as some facts from his personal life and bio. Although Neymar nationality is out of the question especially considering the last FIFA World Cup taking place in Russia, some still wonder much about Neymar background. How old …

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What is the Price of Messi Soccer Cleats?

Player’s gear can be vital when it comes to great performance on the pitch. Moreover, choosing a proper gear might also be of great importance. Luckily for them, modern soccer players do not have to worry about their gear. Most of them have contracts with leading sportswear producers like Nike and Adidas. The brands provide their partner’s exclusive wear and gear to make them feel perfect on the pitch and take the fullest from their talent.  The History of Messi Soccer Cleats The Barcelona all-time icon has already tried different types of soccer cleats. He has cooperated with various sportswear …

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How Old Is Messi? Biography, Family, Facts

Messi Age

Although one can hardly imagine a football fan who does not know Messi age, some less dedicated spectators still wonder how old is Lionel Messi. This is mainly due to his drastic image change feature a beard and a tattoo. Both certainly make him look older. Despite that brutal look in addition to numerous trophies and awards, the A‑star striker is 390 years old. Born in 1987, Barcelona superstar has already reached the highest career level any footballer could only imagine. While most of you are well aware of Messi goals and stats, this time we are going to dive …

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Messi vs Ronaldo: Age, Careers, Scores and Personal Life

The eternal battle between two prodigious football players is still on. Ronaldo vs Messi – is there a more capturing title to follow? Both in the pitch and in real life, two most talented football stars are taking part in an endless race. And no one knows, who will take the lead next time. Cristiano Ronaldo currently plays in Real Madrid as well as in the Portuguese international team. Hailing from Argentine, Messi is to oppose Cristiano’s football manner with his own unique style that one will hardly ever repeat. Lionel Messi is the FC Barcelona and Argentinian International tea, …

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Neymar Jr Legendary goals

Neymar Jr is one of the most popular and successful footballers in the world. Some of the pundits call him next Pele, which is no wonder because he has excellent reflexes, incredible confidence on the field, and magnificent technique. While being on the pitch, Neymar statistics never went down. Neymar stats begins from Los Santos career. The ratio was very impressive. He left the team with stats of 138 goals in 229 appearances including unofficial games. The player showed a superb performance in one of the last Santos’ matches vs Uniao Barbarense. How many goals has Neymar scored, you’re asking? …

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Top 10 Most Selling Football Club Shirts in the World

Most selling football club jerseys in world

The list of top 10 most selling football club jerseys is updated. All the football fans supports their favorite teams in a different ways such as following their team on social network, engraves tattoos on the body, making badges on face etc. But most of the fans show their support by wearing the team jersey, it is now become the most popular way of supporting not only club, but also supporting football. We have seen lots of youngsters playing football with wearing jerseys of clubs. Football is the most followed sport in the world and it plays a big role …

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Top 10 Football Supporters in the world, Clubs with most fans

Not only players, not only managers, there are the fans & supporters who develop game with their massive support. Fans are the only one who made this game world wide popular in return of nothing. At every corner of world, they have developed football & with their support, the game is still number one sport of this planet. It does not matter form which nations they are from, they will always unite for football which is the strongest foundation of this sports game. We have talked a lot on unity of football fans, so lets start discussion on top football …

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Barcelona Vs AC Milan Head to Head all matches

San Siro, the home football ground of AC Milan is waiting for its upcoming one of the biggest clash. Top clash of Barcelona Vs AC Milan is scheduled to be play at San Siro. UEFA Champions league match day 3 will begin form 22-Oct-2013. Here are the details of Barcelona Vs AC Milan head to head matches. After making 2 victories in Champions league this season, The Blaugrana will now face one of its strong competitor of Group H. Barca is currently at 1st position in its group with 6 points after defeating Ajax Amsterdam by 4–0 & Celtic FC …

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Real Madrid Vs Barcelona The El Clasico History

The El Clasico is the Spanish word which means The Classic. This name is given to battle between 2 top Spanish clubs Real Madrid & Barcelona. Here you will find the history behind this competition. Real Madrid and Barcelona are also 2 largest cities of Spain. This name is selected due growing craze among these two professional football clubs. Both of these plays for Spanish League La Liga & still plays for it. Their first meet was held in 13th May 1902 which was competition of Copa de la Coronacion, that was won by Barca by 3–1. EL CLASICO DETAILS …

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Top 10 most richest/valuable football clubs, Forbes’s list

LaLiga - Premier League

Which is the most valuable football club of this year & previous years? If all of you have same question then this article is just for you. Here is the list of world’s richest football clubs which are making revenues in billions. The list is prepared by a leading source of information which is called Forbes. This year, a change is at top position. So here we go. Top 10 richest football clubs of 2013 10. Liverpool (Manager: Brenden Rodgers) In this list of football clubs, English teams have occupied 5 spots. Liverpool is the club which is at tenth position …

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Barcelona Football club History, Stadiums and Honours

Barcelona is the professional football club of Spain & it was founded in 29th November 1899. The full name of the club is Futbol Club Barcelona (Barca). Blaugranes is called as the nickname of the club. Sandro Rosell is the President & Tito Villanova is Manager of the club. The team mostly resembles to La Liga League. Barcelona is the 2nd richest football club team after Real Madrid. Recently, Barcelona has won the title of a Spanish League which is La-Liga.

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