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Lionel Messi

The Transformation of Lionel Messi Haircut over the Years

Most of us have tracked the evolution of Messi football career thousands of times. We know all crucial facts from the player’s bio since being a kid in Rosario requiring an expensive treatment to one of the best and most-scoring players in the world. While his career always seemed to run smoothly, we can hardly say the same about Messy haircut ideas. This time we are going to track the evolution of Lionel Messi hairstyle from the dumpiest hairdos to the times when he could finally afford hiring stylist. We’re joking! Of course, he could afford a stylist but for …

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Messi believes the Ronaldo Factor makes Juventus Champions League favourites

Cristiano Ronaldo’s move to Juventus was probably the biggest news of a transfer season that was otherwise undramatic. One man who will have had mixed feelings about the move is fellow legend Lionel Messi. The rivalry between the two stars in their La Liga showdowns has been the stuff of legend, and has always made the matches between Barcelona and Real Madrid all the more tantalising. Now, the two footballing giants will have to wait for a Champion’s League draw to meet again. Adding the X‑factor Speaking to a local radio station in Spain, Messi said he was surprised by …

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What Is Messi Salary per Week and Worth in 2018?

The Argentinian striker has turned into a talisman for FC Barcelona winning numerous prestigious trophies and titles for his team. After Iniesta departed from the club, everyone expected Lionel to inherit the captain’s armband. The new season for the newly established Barcelona captain appeared to be not as successful as previous ones. However, even this fact hardly affected Messi weekly wage and total worth. The contract prolongation made Lionel the highest-paid footballer in the Spanish championship. Moreover, we should also consider Cristiano departure from La Liga to Seria A. It means that the Argentinian striker is very likely to have …

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Where to Buy Original Messi Soccer Jersey?

Lionel Messi boasts a long and successful football career after signing a contract with FC Barcelona back in 2000. For more than 18 years, the A‑list striker has been breaking different football records, scoring endless goals in various tournaments and winning various prestigious trophies and titles. The forward has changed numerous Messy soccer shirts over that time. Moreover, he has a huge Messi soccer jersey collection of his own!  Is It Possible to Find Messi Jersey Youth? The first Argentinian player’s team was Newell’s Old Boys. If considering this fact, finding the original Messi soccer jersey youth can be a tough …

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What is the Price of Messi Soccer Cleats?

Player’s gear can be vital when it comes to great performance on the pitch. Moreover, choosing a proper gear might also be of great importance. Luckily for them, modern soccer players do not have to worry about their gear. Most of them have contracts with leading sportswear producers like Nike and Adidas. The brands provide their partner’s exclusive wear and gear to make them feel perfect on the pitch and take the fullest from their talent.  The History of Messi Soccer Cleats The Barcelona all-time icon has already tried different types of soccer cleats. He has cooperated with various sportswear …

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Lionel Messi 2015 Copa America Wallpapers

Lionel Messi 2015 Copa America Wallpapers The last year FIFA World Cup runners-up team Argentina are the favorites of the tournament along with Brazil and Uruguay as they have one of the strongest team of the World. As all you know, why Argentina is the favorites than other teams. The Argentinian have World’s best player Lionel Messi who can turn around the game single handily. Messi is one of the most popular football player along with Ronaldo. Messi have large fan following in the World, if you are one of them and looking for the Lionel Messi 2015 Wallpapers, then …

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Messi Argentina HD wallpapers pictures

Lionel Messi HD Wallpapers, Images, Photos in Barcelona, Argentina

Get Lionel Messi latest HD desktop wallpapers for mobile and PC from here. Free Messi HD pictures, images of Barcelona and Argentina are available here. The Argentine striker plays for the Spanish giant club Barcelona in La Liga. Recently, Messi broke the record of Telmo Zarra and became the top scorer in La Liga competition. He has scored more than 250 goals in the Spanish league. Messi has achieved and broken many achievements and records respectively in the history of football. Here for Lionel Messi fans, we are sharing the HD wallpapers, images, photos of Lionel Messi in Barcelona and …

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Lionel Messi workouts and exercises

Lionel Messi Workouts, Exercise, Diet Plan Routine

Lionel Messi is a footballer who does not need any introduction. Every football fan knows him what he is today. But do you know what workouts and diet plan he follows to remain fit for games? Messi spends time not only on field, but also off field. Today he is tasting huge success across the globe. The four times FIFA Ballon D’or winner [2009, 2010, 2011 & 2012] Barcelona player is the only one who made it four times in a row. To achieve this achievement, not only his skills and technique helped him, his daily workouts and special diet …

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Top 10 Football player maximum fans

Top 10 Football Players With Maximum Facebook Fans List

Facebook is one of the leading social network which is known for having millions of users. The social networking website is reaching to set a new record in 2014. One more social network Google+ is also getting great response from users. Today, we are revealing the list of 10 football players with highest Facebook fans across the world. So have a look on this list of find where you favorite football player stands in the field of fan following.

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Lionel Messi All Cars Collections List with Car Wallpapers

The world’s best football player Lionel Messi is not only fond of football, he is also a big fond of luxury & sports cars. The 26 years old football is also known as owner of lots of cars collection. Since his debut in Barcelona football club, he bought lots of cars which includes sports cars of Ferrari, Audi, Maserati & others. If you are a big fan of Messi, then your are going to love this article. This article consists of all cars of Lionel Messi. So continue to read for his cars collection.

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Lionel Messi salary, earnings this year & per month

Lionel Messi is not only world’s number 1 football player, but also an athlete who earns in million dollars. The net worth of the player is $115 million. Currently he is playing for Spanish football club i.e. FC Barcelona. He has earned 16million Euro last year from football games. Currently his salary per winning tournament is $20.3m. The earnings are not only from winning but also from endorsements.       Earning €35,000 per day Profile Salary per winning $20.3 millions Source of Pay  Football and endorsements Endorsements $21 million Born place Rosario, Santa Fe Argentia Residence address Castelldefels, Spain Marital Status Engaged Wife name …

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Quotes on Football by Lionel Messi with wallpapers

Here is the collection of awesome football quotes which will be remembered for very long period of time. The world’s number 1 superstar Lionel Messi with his Quotes on football is only for you. Today, he is not known just only because of his game, but also due to his passionate quotes on this game. Messi has also wrote some awesome quotes for his fans which will be remembered for the years. Just read these quotes and your love with Messi goes to a new level.

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Lionel Messi Biography, early life disease treatment

Lionel Messi Biography with full name and wallpapers

The Superstar Lionel Messi is known for its incredible moves, skills & football passion all over the world. He was born in 24th June, 1987 in the Rosario a state of the country Argentina. At the age of 13 Messi moved to the country Spain. In the year of 2012, he was awarded with the trophy FIFA player of the year. This award is given to that player who scored largest number of goals in single year. He has a big role in upgrading the level of Argentina in the rankings of FIFA.

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