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Quotes on Football by Lionel Messi with wallpapers

Here is the collection of awesome football quotes which will be remembered for very long period of time. The world’s number 1 superstar Lionel Messi with his Quotes on football is only for you. Today, he is not known just only because of his game, but also due to his passionate quotes on this game. Messi has also wrote some awesome quotes for his fans which will be remembered for the years. Just read these quotes and your love with Messi goes to a new level.

Some Awesome Quotes of Lionel Messi on Football

Lionel_Messi-QuotesThere is no doubt.

It’s certain that I’ll be 100 percent.   🙂




Football_QuotesI have said nothing because

There is nothing I can say that

Would describe how I feel as

Perfectly as you deserve it



360_intl_messi_mag_0125I made lot of sacrifices by leaving family,

Leaving Argentina to start new life. But everything I did,

For football, to achieve my dream. That’s why I didn’t

Go out for party & many other things.   🙂



messi-quotes-7Something deep in my character which

Allows me to take the hits and get on

With trying to win   🙂




lionel-messi-130313It’s crazy to say that after 3 games I

Was in crises. I do not carewhether I score or not,

What matters is that the team win

& continue to do so.    🙂



Lionel+MessiThis is what I always say:

Barcelona is my home & I

Hope that I stay here for many years   🙂




wall-messi10-fcb_bymagoalex1They always complicate things.

They are a great team, very organized when

Pressuring & always play well.

These are 3 very important things   🙂



MessiAlien158030312I always remember that, English clubs are

Physical & tough & they play strong for the whole

game. But afterwards they shake hands

and they are fair.   🙂




lionel_messi_by_compbomb-d5baf4iBarcelona is my life, they have brought

Me to where I am today, I could not leave,

I don’t want to leave. My heart stays with Barcelona.   🙂


243627hp2If we turn up in Rome & play with

Our usual imagination, speed & discipline

We cannot go wrong.




Barcelone/Athletic Bilbao- LigaI knew it was important to have that

Shirt for everything it means. Before Ronaldinho

Had it & I have inherited it. 🙂

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