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Does FIFA Round Up Cristiano Ronaldo Height?

Cristiano Ronaldo and be the best player in the world scoring numerous goals. However, he still remains one of the most controversial players away from the pitch. CR7 has been involved in multiple scandals and was very close to being put behind the bars. Luckily for all Real and Juve fans, their idol seems to settle down with his new soul mate and kids.

While Cristiano feels great with his new family in a new team scoring goals in each game, some people search for the slightest reason to involve the Portuguese striker in another conflict. This time Cristiano Ronaldo height appeared to be the core issue.

The Controversy behind Ronaldo Height

Apart from being the face of the new FIFA 2019, Cristiano Ronaldo is also one of the most desirable digital players for thousands of games across the world seeking a chance to get CR7 into their teams. As you know, the game provides detailed stats and body specifications on each player. It appeared that according to EA and FIFA, Cristiano Ronaldo height is 6′2″.

Some might think that game developers are exaggerating Ronaldo height a bit. What about the official stats? It appeared that the official sources also provide different information. For example, you may come across CR7 profile description with the indicated height of 6 ft 1¼, which is 186 cm. n the other hand, Wikipedia says Ronaldo is 187 cm in height, which is 6′2″. So, what is the fuzz about?

How Tall Is Ronaldo in Real Life?

The trick is both sides might be right when claiming Ronaldo is 6′2″ or 6′1″. The problem is Cristiano shrinks his weight considerably especially during winter season. On the other hand, Ronaldo is known for picking up weight very fast. It can happen in the second part of the football season. It all results in CR7 gaining the height of the average NBA basketball player. From some point of view, it is good for him as the Portuguese can come up with some of his award-winning headers.

We all know that Ronaldo sticks to his individual diet, which has turned into a major source of queries in the search engines over the last few years. Some may be surprised to know that their idol was not pretty interested in developing his body at the beginning of his career. It all started after his move to Manchester United.

Cristiano made everything possible to bring the level of fat in his body to a minimum. He is mainly focused on the menu that contains lots of proteins. His daily course usually contains tons of vegetables and fruits, whole grain, etc. At the same time, CR7 would hardly resist the temptation to treat himself with a steak or fish when eating out. Bacalhau à braz is one of his favorties, by the way.

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