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Alexis Sanchez made late trip to Old Trafford ahead of transfer

Arsenal player is going to Manchester United either will Henrikh Mkhitaryan swap or not. 29-year-old made a late journey heading north aаter saying goodbye to former teammates. Chile received a phone call about 11 p.m. and right after that, he drove away 200 miles to Manchester. Apparently, the transfer will be confirmed today or tomorrow and the long-term saga will ... Read More »

Alexis Sanchez’s family arrived in London in preparation for Arsenal exit

All Sanchez family arrived in London and some sources are sure that the player will move from Arsenal very soon. Past few days 29-years-old Chilean tussle between Manchester City and Manchester United. And until now nobody knows what squad he will join. Arsenal estimated Sanchez’s move for £35m. Also his agent Fernando Felicevich wants a fee of £5m for transfer ... Read More »

Antonio Conte called Jose Mourinho “a little man” without any regrets

Recently the Conte-Mourinho feud reached boiling point. Conte told he won’t forget Mourinho’s criticism and the feud is personal, so nobody should intervene. Lately, Mourinho added a cocky comment that he is still passionate despite he isn’t acting “like a clown” on the touchline. Undoubtedly, he hinted on Conte behavior, which was taken as an insult. Chelsea manager responded that ... Read More »

Mourinho after Man United 2-2 Burnley: £300m spending isn’t enough

Today Manchester United ended a match against Burnley with a 2-2 draw. In a postmatch interview, Jose Mourinho criticized opposite side and told that Clarets had only “one-and-a-half” shots on goal. He also mentioned that £300m spending still is not enough for making a winning squad. Burnley made a rough start for Reds. Ashley Barnes opened the score only 3 ... Read More »