Saturday , 18 September 2021

KV RS Waasland-SK Beveren vs K. Sint-Truidense VV, Jupiler League 2021 REGULAR SEASON

KV RS Waasland-SK Beveren
K. Sint-Truidense VV
2 : 4
6th of April 2021 17:00
First half: 45+3  |  Second half: 45+5

Live comments

  • 0' - The stage is set the green flag drops! Another match against KV RS Waasland-SK Beveren and K. Sint-Truidense VV has kicked off!
  • 2' - What a strike from Michael Frey! The score is 1-0.
  • 7' - KV RS Waasland-SK Beveren is showing some good football. However, KV RS Waasland-SK Beveren are ready to play back every minute. It might result in some problems for the home side. The game will hardly remain goalless.
  • 12' - Daniel Schmidt has certainly something to prove this evening. He made 28 appearances with only 0 goals this season.
  • 14' - Danel Sinani was booked on 14.
  • 19' - Spectators are craving for more action. Both teams play very cautiously. They need to put some more energy.
  • 20' - The referee calls foul for Ilombé Mboyo. He receives a Yellow card.
  • 25' - It’s gonna be a Yellow card for Aleksandar Vukotić.
  • 27' - That looks like a foul for a Red card for Aleksandar Vukotić.
  • 32' - GOAL! Yūma Suzuki scores on 32. Assisted by Christian Brüls
  • 37' - Chris Durkin is replacing Júnior Pius for the K. Sint-Truidense VV side.
  • 42' - It looks surprising KV RS Waasland-SK Beveren does not make any changes. Christian Bruls has some obvious troubles when approaching to the goal.
  • 46' - Another substitution for K. Sint-Truidense VV to replace Facundo Colidio by Stan Van Dessel on 46 minute.
  • 51' - Sensational shot from Ilombé Mboyo. K. Sint-Truidense VV is back in the lead.
  • 56' - The teams are not in a rush to score plenty of goals. It might look strange considering KV RS Waasland-SK Beveren that had 103 games and scored 125 goals.
  • 57' - Joseph Efford has so much to prove this time. He replaces Sivert Nilsen on 57 minute.
  • 60' - It’s a booking for KV RS Waasland-SK Beveren player. Louis Verstraete gets a Yellow card.
  • 65' - Not even hints on scoring a goal over the last 65 minutes.
  • 70' - It’s a booking for KV RS Waasland-SK Beveren player. Dries Wuytens gets a Yellow card.
  • 73' - KV RS Waasland-SK Beveren player sees a Red card in front of him.
  • 75' - GOAL! Ilombé Mboyo scores on 75.
  • 78' - What a strike from Louis Verstraete! The score is 2-3.
  • 80' - Another substitution for KV RS Waasland-SK Beveren to replace Amine Khammas by Alessandro Albanese on 80 minute.
  • 81' - The whistle greets Ilombé Mboyo as he departs to be replaced by Wolke Janssens.
  • 84' - Yūma Suzuki with the second goal in the match!
  • 85' - The KV RS Waasland-SK Beveren manager makes a substitution. Daan Heymans departs to be replaced by Din Sula.
  • 86' - A meaty challenge results in booking for Jordan Faucher on 86.
  • 86' - Another change for KV RS Waasland-SK Beveren made on 86 minute. Michael Frey leaves to be changed by Jordan Faucher.
  • 90' - It is a substitution in K. Sint-Truidense VV team. Christian Brüls is replaced by Oleksandr Filippov on 90 minute.
  • With this win, K. Sint-Truidense VV is likely to improve its situation in the overall team standings.

Today 2021-04-06 KV RS Waasland-SK Beveren vs K. Sint-Truidense VV are fighting Jupiler League league on Freethiel-Stadion.

KV RS Waasland-SK Beveren had 34 games and get got 31 points in Season (2018/19)

K. Sint-Truidense VV had 34 games and get got 38 points in Season (2018/19)

Todays referees are: Nicolas Laforge, Bram Van Driessche, Ruben Wyns, Nathan Verboomen, Florian Lemaire, Mathias Hillaert, Jasper Vergoote, Jonathan Lardot, Quentin Lesceux