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Zinedine Zidane Quotes on Football, the best Quote Collection

Zinedine Zidane is a former Francis football player who played football for lots of top professional clubs. He is also known for his million dollar quotes which he wrote during his football career. The Francis player ended his football career with the Spanish club called Real Madrid. The player is still linked with this club as assistant manager with head manger Carlo Ancelotti. If you are a football fan, then you will love this great collection of football quotes of Zinedine Zidane.

Zinedine Zidane best ever football quotes

It is well known fact that thinking of a player reflects his playing behavior. One of the most famous quote of Zidane is “I once cried because i had no shoes to play football with my friends, but one day i saw a man who had no feet, & i realized how rich I am”. We have more quotes like this so keep reading.”

Best Ever Quotes of Zidane
Quotes of Zinedane

The only important thing I have to say is that my father never fought against his country.

Zidane sayings

I don’t know we are the best team in the world. I am lucky to be playing alongside some of the best players around. It’s a dream.

Beautiful football messages

I love Real Madrid. I am happy to be here. I have been here 3 years & hope to be here longer. But I am proud of where I come from and never forget the people I grew up with.

Saying of Zidane

I have a need to play intensely every day, to fight every match hard.

Spain quote of Zidane

The day Spain begin winning, they won’t stop

Quotes 1

I’m very inspired by him-it was my father who taught us that an immigrant must work twice as hard as anybody else, that he must never give up.

Real madrid

My father is an Algerian, proud of who he is and I am proud that my father is Algerian.

Zizou quotes of football

Real Madrid is the most important thing that happened to me, both as a footballer & as a person.

Zizou messages

We are a family who had come from nothing and now we had respect from French people of all sorts.

soccer sayings

I may have had a lot of luck in my life, but I still need to find a challenge in the game.

Zizou in Madrid

Football boots are very technical and have lots of specific requirements.

Zizou France

I have never had the opportunity to play in England, so I know little about it.

Best ever Quotes

I have won many awards & I am very happy about this, but I am not the best player in the world.


It is the first time it’s happened to me and maybe the last. It’s a strange sensation, not normal for me. I can’t remember scoring three goals, even when I was a kid.

Zizou best quotes

Sometimes, I don’t know what takes me over during a game. Sometimes I just feel I have moved to a different place & I can make this pass, score the goal or or go past my market at will.


We must not let ourselves get driven of course, no matter what happens we must stick to our natural game.


I came out of retirement not just to help qualification but also because this team has the players who can do something.

Best Quotes

We are back to being the old Real Madrid. If we keep playing like this then I’m sure we will win something.


The sooner we find the net the better. We know that we must slot a fair number of goals to compensate for a possible away victory by the Swiss.

Pic Quotes

I think we have the team to go very far at the European championships. Now we just have to be ready on time.

Quotes of Zizou

It was an exceptional game, like we had in 2000 with Portugal & Italy, …In these two matches we managed to reverse the trend, & we did it again.

Best sayings of football

I was lucky to come from a difficult area. It teaches you not just about football but also life. There were lots of kids from different races & poor families. People had to struggle to get through the day.

Best quote of Zidane

I once cried because i had no shoes to play football with my friends, but one day i saw a man who had no feet, & i realized how rich I am”. We have more quotes like this so keep reading


It went well for Real Madrid tonight & we can be happy with how we have done in tournament until now. We played our game I think our victory was deserved.

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