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Top 10 Most Sexiest Handsome Football Players

Top 10 Most Sexiest, Handsome, Hottest Football Players 2013

The world’s most popular sport has now reached a level which cannot be easily achieved by every sport. This is the only game which is played by most number of countries with total of 209 federations. Also, Football is holding the record of highest number of audience for a single match. There is no doubt that the game is of youngsters. So here we have made a list of Top 10 Most Sexiest, Hottest & Handsome football players of 2013. So here we go.

Top 10 Handsome / Sexiest / Hottest Football Players 2013

10 Gerard Pique
10 Gerard Pique

Gerard Pique is currently playing for the Spanish club FC Barcelona & Spanish national Football as a defender. He is at 10th position in this list. Although the player is registered by Pop star Shakira, but he is still as hottest as he was.

He is now at the age of 26, but looks like he is playing at the age of 21 & he will play for some more years. He is now a father & his child name is Milan Pique. We have some more players who are playing for Barcelona & has played for it. For this you have to read continue.

9. Mario Gotze
9. Mario Gotze

There is only one player from German club Bayern Munich named Mario Gotze. The German footballer was born on 3rd June Memminten West Germany. He is a right footed football player who also plays for his national team & is called as young talent.

He is currently dating with German model & singer Ann Kathrin Brommel. Both of them spotted on some locations. His last club was also a German club which was Borussia Dortmund. For his last club, he played 83 games & scored 22 goals.

8. Wayne Rooney
8. Wayne Rooney

We have English player Wayne Rooney also in the list of Top 10 most handsome football players. Wayne Rooney of Manchester United is currently at eighth spot in this list. The player is known for dashing personality & Stylish football game. His blue eyes are also the center of attraction for everyone.

He is currently playing for English Football club Manchester United with a Jersey number 10. His last club was Everton for which he played 67 games & scored 15 goals. He is also playing for his England National Football team. He started his career for Man Utd in the year of 2004.

7. Gareth Bale
7. Gareth Bale

So here comes the World’s most expensive player who has broken the record of his Real Madrid partner Cristiano Ronaldo. The Wales player in at the position of 7th in this list. Gareth Bale is commonly known for changing hairstyle for which he spends thousands of Euros.

He is registered by Emma Rhys Jones who is a model professionally. Bale has spent a fantabolus career in his last club Tottenham Hotspur & is also performing well in his new club Real Madrid. The transfer fees was the biggest deal which was done by the Most Richest Football club Real Madrid.

6. Marco Reus
6. Marco Reus

We also put Dortmund player name in the list of Top 10 most sexiest football players of 2013. Marco Reus who is playing for German club Borussia Dortmund is at sixth in rank. German player Mario Gotze is one of his best friend who is now playing for Bayern Munich.

Reus is popular due to his spikes hairstyle which most of newcomers follows. The 24 years old player is also playing for German National Football team with a jersey number 11. He is a attacking midfielder who has scored 21 goals so far for his current club.

5. Cesc Fabregas
5. Cesc Fabregas

We have one more footballer from Barcelona in this list & the player is Cesc Fabregas. After Pique, he is the second athlete in this list from Barcelona. The attacking midfielder is known to have a perfect beard & mustache on his face. The perfect cuts on his body makes him one of the sexiest player.

There are some rumors about the transfers of Cesc Fabregas. According to rumors, a recent news have revealed that Fabregas may move to English Football Club Manchester United. He is playing as midfielder in his current Spanish club.

4. David Villa
4. David Villa

Here we have nominated one more Spanish soccer player. David Villa is at 4th position in the list of Top 10 hottest footballers. At the of 31 he looks like a 24 year player. His speed & accuracy are his identity. He left his last club Barcelona & is now playing for Atletico Madrid

David Villa was the first player who put beard on chin which gives a sexiest look on his face. His hairstyle also attracted lots of eyes. In his former club Valencia, he was the most sexiest Footballer & now he is in Atletico Madrid.

3. Ricardo Kaka
3. Ricardo Kaka

Ricardo Kaka is first & the only player from Brazil in this list. He is at third position. Kaka is currently playing for AC Milan for which he played earlier before joining Real Madrid. He left Spanish club The Vikings in the year of 2013 & rejoined AC Milan.

Now he is married & his wife name is Caroline. Caroline is his childhood girlfriend & on 23 December 2005 he got married in Sao Paulo. He has two children son Luca Celico & daughter Isabella. He was also awarded with FIFA Ballon D’or Award in the year of 2007. In same year, he was awarded with 9 awards.

2. David Beckham
2. David Beckham Now it’s time to know about the player who is still linked with glamor & fashion. David Beckham is the second world’s most sexiest player. David was so popular sometimes fans breaks security to have a look of him. Beckham has tasted huge level of success in Football & Fashion world.But now he is married & his wife is Victoria Beckham. His wife has also stated that David Beckham can become next James Bond. Beckham was appeared in lots of hairstyles & almost every football teenager has copied hairstyle. His hairstyle portraits are seen in almost every hairstyle showroom. He is the only player who used too many hairstyles. 
1. Cristiano Ronaldo
Most Sexiest, Handsome, Football Player

Here is the current World’s Sexiest Football player of 2013, Cristiano Ronaldo. He is not only famous in football, he is also a fashion icon. Some girls are desperate to have a date with him. When he started his football career, he was not as he is now. The Portuguese is currently playing for Real Madrid.

One of the main reason of Cristiano Perfect body & looks are Exercises & diet plan which he strictly follows. He is very fitness conscious & why not he is a football player. Ronaldo is not only known for his game & speed, his style & looks are his identity. He has the highest number Facebook Followers (Likes) with more than 60million Likes.

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