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Top 10 Most Influential Women in Football

Ladies are tak­ing over! Wheth­er you’re a devoted foot­ball fan or not, you might’ve already heard a few names from this list.

10. Helena Costa

The 14th place (36 matches: 10 wins, 15 draws, 11 losses) togeth­er with the 20th place in the second French foot­ball divi­sion pushed the man­age­ment of the Cler­mont club to take meas­ures that might seem rad­ic­al at first. On May 7, they announced the appoint­ment of 36-year-old Helena Costa as the team’s head coach.

Hav­ing suc­ceeded in coach­ing women, Costa was very suc­cess­ful in doing so for a male team as well. She proved to be an extremely effect­ive coach and showed that a woman is more than cap­able of being suc­cess­ful at such a job.

9. Bibiana Steinhaus

A piece of foot­ball wis­dom says, “A good ref­er­ee must be invis­ible.” In the case of 35-year-old Bibi­ana Stein­haus, get­ting lost on the field is dif­fi­cult: a gor­geous blonde can­’t make a step without male atten­tion when she’s at work. Don’t let the cute looks fool you. Stein­haus is the only female ref­er­ee in the pro­fes­sion­al foot­ball sys­tem of Ger­many, and that has to mean some­thing. And she’s incred­ibly good at it.

8. Delia Smith

She’s the own­er of Nor­wich City. Delia has been the idol for house­wives for almost 40 years. She often takes the bosses of the foot­ball league to dine at her res­taur­ant, and they seem to enjoy it a lot. She’s a very nice woman cap­able of man­aging both a premi­um-class res­taur­ant and a foot­ball team.

7. Heather Rabbats

She’s the first woman to become a part of the board of the Foot­ball Asso­ci­ation. Rab­bats began her career in the Lon­don dis­trict com­mit­tee. In 2006, she received a mana­geri­al pos­i­tion at Mill­wall and later got to the Foot­ball Asso­ci­ation where she became a non-exec­ut­ive dir­ect­or and the first woman to occupy a high pos­i­tion in this organ­iz­a­tion. Today, Rab­bats care­fully and con­sist­ently cri­ti­cizes the asso­ci­ation itself.

6. Amy Fearn

She began her ref­er­ee career at the age of 16 and gradu­ally rose to the pos­i­tion of the fourth ref­er­ee in the matches of the fourth divi­sion. In 2010, she replaced the main ref­er­ee that was injured 20 minutes before the end of the match, becom­ing the first woman ref­er­ee in the his­tory of pro­fes­sion­al foot­ball in Eng­land. Now, she’s the reserve ref­er­ee of the top matches of the women’s league as well as matches between female teams.

5. Gabby Logan

15 years of work made Logan the most recog­niz­able woman in foot­ball media: she appeared on the screens before the Premi­er League and Cham­pi­ons League matches, took post-match inter­views with all of the Eng­land coaches, and reached her peak of fame after switch­ing to BBC and work­ing on Match of the Day.

4. Margaret Byrne

At Sun­der­land, she’s in charge of fin­ances, nego­ti­at­ing trans­fers between the coach and the own­er and mak­ing sure the club is doing good. It was Byrne who thought of invit­ing Rihanna for the con­cert in sum­mer at the Sta­di­um of Light where Sun­der­land earned a lot of money.

3. Jacqui Oatley

A presenter and com­ment­at­or, Oat­ley became the first woman to appear on BBC’s Match of the Day. In addi­tion, Jack­ie her­self played foot­ball and also passed the coach­ing license exam, so she quickly left behind most of the male experts, for whom the threshold for enter­ing the pro­fes­sion was much lower. Now, Oat­ley can be heard every­where: on BBC, ITV, and ESPN; on tele­vi­sion and radio; as a com­ment­at­or and presenter; in foot­ball, ten­nis, golf, and rugby.

2. Eva Carneiro

She’s the one who patches up Chelsea’s play­ers. Since Andre Vil­las-Boas appoin­ted Eva Carneiro as a physio­ther­ap­ist of the first team, sexu­al objec­ti­fic­a­tion was unavoid­able.

For­tu­nately, Carneiro learned how to use her pop­ular­ity to explain really import­ant things. She often speaks at con­fer­ences on sports medi­cine, explain­ing that get­ting into a male foot­ball world is quite real (before Chelsea, Eva worked for the Brit­ish Olympic Com­mit­tee and did prac­tice at West Ham).

1. Karren Brady

She’s the vice pres­id­ent of West Ham and the “First Lady of Foot­ball.” In 1993, Brady came to work at Birm­ing­ham; in 95, she mar­ried foot­ball play­er Paul Peskisido; in 2010, she became the vice pres­id­ent of West Ham that was bought by her former employ­ers. In Birm­ing­ham, Brady was in charge of fin­ances, and the club first went into self-suf­fi­ciency.

The main reas­on Brady is con­sidered the most influ­en­tial woman in foot­ball is her polit­ic­al abil­ity; roughly speak­ing, the abil­ity to nego­ti­ate.


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