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What Is the Secret to Pep Guardiola’s Success?

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Pep Guardiola made history after Manchester City faced Inter in the 2022–2023 Champions League final. With this achievement, Guardiola is on his way to becoming the first coach to have a treble from two different clubs. 


So, what made him such a good manager? Guardiola shared his secret about why he thinks he could reach the heights he’s currently at. Here are several reasons why Guardiola is an exceptional manager. 

Pep Guardiola’s Coaching Style

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Data-Based Decisions

In 2019, Manchester City disclosed that it has a data scientist who works closely with its coaching staff. Although Guardiola never clearly states that his decisions are based on these data, it’s expected that the data significantly affects his strategies. 

Committed and Inspiring

Pep Guardiola has shown that he’s a leader with a strong sense of direction. He has ambitious goals and can inspire his team to deliver the best output. He can apply his philosophy and create a cohesive playing style for his teams. He then drives those under his management’s individual and collective performances to deliver to the best of their abilities. 

Adaptable and Versatile

Guardiola can produce versatile tactics and showcase quick adaptability as the football scene is ever-changing. His decision-making ability is extraordinary. He can continuously improve his teams’ performances and navigate complex situations confidently despite the changing obstacles. He understands well how to make effective strategic choices. 

Focusing on Individual Performances

Guardiola often focuses on improving individual players’ performance and empowering them to make a development. He knows that each member’s success contributes to the team’s success. He prioritises nurturing talent and building an environment where everyone feels valued. It leads to each of his players knowing that they can contribute their unique skills to the whole team. 

Effective Deliveries

Guardiola has been proven to have high emotional intelligence and communication skills. He can build strong relationships with his players, so his words can inspire and motivate them. Due to his talent in communication and high emotional intelligence, Guardiola can make his players feel heard. It makes it easier for him to resolve conflicts and create a collaborative work atmosphere. 

The Secret of Guardiola’s Success

Although many have seen how outstanding Guardiola is at leading his teams, he has stated that work ethic isn’t the primary key to his success. He admitted that work ethic is essential, but he felt like the quality of his players mattered most. 


He also stated that with so many matches going back-to-back, he hasn’t had many chances to reflect on his past decisions. His plans don’t always work. Manchester City’s loss against Chelsea in 2021 was one of them, but he felt like the things that had passed would be forgotten immediately, good or bad. 


He said his players understand what he wants and can quickly adapt to changes. This fact leads him to believe that players’ quality contributes the most to his success. If he stays consistent and has quality players, they can sustain his teams’ performances for the long run. The coach also added that he likes it when his players can keep the ball as it’s the best way to defend. 


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