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Top 10 Football Stadiums according to seating capacity

Here are the top 10 stadiums of football which will help you to know more about the stardom of football. Football required not very large stadiums because the dimensions of the stadium are fixed. But the ground can be expanded according to the attendance of the audience. The countdown starts Borg EI Arab Stadium which is in Egypt. Indian Football team is far behind the other international teams but in the category of Stadium, the world largest stadium with maximum capacity is available in India.

The Top 10 Football Stadiums (Seating Capacity)

10. Borg EI Arab Stadium (Capacity=86,000) Borg El Arab StadiumThis is located in the Alexandria a city of the country Egypt. The audience capacity of the stadium is 86,000. It was launched in 2007 the Borg El Arab is also called as Egyptian Army Ground. The stadium was designed by the Egyptian militia Corps of Engineers. The 1st occasion of the stadium was organized for U‑20 World Cup of 2009. And the first match was played between Egypt and Trinidad & Tobago. It has conjointly been used as a venue for Egyptian Premier League matches.   9. Gelora Bung Karno Stadium (Capacity=88,083) Gelora Bung KarnoThe stadium is governed by Jakarta Government & naturally it is located in Jakarta, Indonesia. The stadium was opened in 24th July, 1962. It has the total audience capacity of 88,083. Gelora Bung Karno Main football ground is called a multi structure in Gelora Bung Karno Sports complicated, Senayan, and Central Jakarta, Indonesia. The name of the stadium is finalized after the 1st president of the Indonesia.   8. Wembley Stadium (Capacity=90,000) TheStadium_Arial_wembleyThe first stadium of England in the countdown of Top 10 stadiums. Wembley stadium is in London, England. It has the capacity of 90,000 audiences. The stadium is also used for the Rugby Football. The Ground took the amount of £757m for completion of work. However hold-ups LED to music and sports events being off. Wembley bowl administrator Alex Horne aforesaid it absolutely was the primary step towards gaining the protection certificate required to host the solfa syllable final. The most attraction was a star tournament that includes groups as well as Chris Evans, Jamie Theakston, John Barnes, Brian McFadden and Tim Lovejoy. 7. The Rose Bowl (Capacity=92,542) The Rose Bowl StadiumThe location of the Rose Bowl stadium is 1001 Rose Bowl Drive, Pasadena in California, USA. The capacity of the stadium is 92,542. The stadium was opened in 8th of October, 1922. The approximation of $164.5 million renovation of America’s Stadium is well constructed with anticipated completion of the project regular for late 2013. It starts gaining fame by organizing 5 NFL Super games, 1984 Olympic Super matches & world Cups of 1994 (Men) & 1999(Women) The structure received a serious upgrade in 2009 in preparation for the 2010 tourney. As a result, capability inflated to concerning ninety five thousand, but this was briefly reduced once more throughout the globe Cup to concerning seats. 6. FNB Stadium (Capacity=94,736) soccercity1This is also called as soccer city. The stadium is located in Johannesburg which is in South Africa. The ground was opened in 1989 & was renovated in the year 2009. It has an audience capacity of 94,736. Boogertman & Partners, HOK Sport are the architecture of the stadium.   DON’T MISS: Salt Lake Stadium 5. Camp Nou (Capacity=94,787) tgtn_camp_nou_2With having total capacity of more than 94,787 the stadium is in 4th place of this ranking. The Camp Nou is situated in Barcelona, Spain. The club belonging to this stadium is Barcelona F.C. The full name of the stadium is Estadio del FC Barcelona. The ground was opened in 24th September 1957. Then it was innovated in 1995 & 2008.  The owner as well as the operator of this playground is FC Barcelona. Camp Nou was expanded in 1982. Silda VIP, Josep Soteras & Giulio, the architect & Jonathan Ackroyd is the project manager of this ground. The stadium has record attendance of 1, 20,000. The dimensions of the ground are 105m x 68m. 4. Bukit Jalil National Stadium (Capacity=1, 00,000) national-stadium-bukit-jalilThe stadium has the capacity of 100,000. It is situated in Kuala Lumpur, capital of Malaysia. It was constructed to host the 1998 Commonwealth Games. The stadium took precisely one year and was completed 3 months sooner than schedule. It’s thought of by several to be the most effective structure in Malaya. In 2011, the football club Arsenal beat a tour match against a Malaya XI at this stadium of Malaysia.   3. Estadio Azteca (Capacity=105,000) estadio9At 2nd position, the football playground from Mexico City, capital of Mexico which is Estadio Azteca is. Mexico National football team & Club America are the home teams of the ground. The stadium is well constructed in both design & strength. On 29th May, 1966 the Estadio Azteca was opened for football matches & in 1985 it was renovated. Televisa is the owner & Club America is the operator of the playground.     2. Salt Lake Stadium (Capacity=1,20,000) OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis is very interesting to know that the country with more than 150 ranking in FIFA ranking but have 2nd largest audience capacity stadium & that is India. Yes, Salt Lake stadium is world’s 2nd largest stadium with highest audience capacity of more than 1,20,000. India opened Salt Lake in January 1984. Indian Football Association is the owner of the ground. The dimensions of the stadium are 105m x 68m.   1. Rungrado May Day Stadium (Capacity=1,50,000) Rungrado-May-Day-StadiumHere is the stadium with largest audience carrying capacity of 1,50,000. The Rungrado May Day Stadium is in Pyongyang which is the capital state of North Korea. On 1st May, 1989 it was opened. One of the biggest limitations of this stadium is that it is situated in very isolated place which is far behind the neighboring countries. This stadium has covered the total area of 207,000m2.

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