Sunday , 2 October 2022

Sarri Renews Attack On Chelsea With Bournemouth Defeat

Maurizio Sarri, the manager of Chelsea is continuing with his blistering attack on the failing of Chelsea. He has insisted that they have not yet been able to hasp the basics of the ball style of Sarri in football. This Angry Italian is known to have staged the inquest of the dressing room after Chelsea had suffered a humiliating defeat by 4–0 against Bournemouth. Then he went public stating his criticisms and demanded that his men need to work on their mentality. 

Sarri is known to have made a name for himself by passing on the popular Sarriball. During the great surrender on Wednesday night on the southern coast, Chelsea was able to find only a little result. T is since then that Sari has been vilified as the critics accused him that he didn’t have a plan. The critics have said the players are actually playing out of position. Eden Hazard, the star midfielder has also given a statement saying there has been a repetition when it comes to the training of the team. However, with the high-risk strategy Sarri said that the squad hasn’t yet learned about the basic moves. They have to work on the basis which is the foundation of football. It is only then that it will be possible to alter some things. He goes on to say that the team is struggling, particularly mentally. They had assumed that had learned a specific style to play football. However, the truth is that they have never been able to learn this and thus, they are paying the consequences. The game had been good in the first half. However, Chelsea had conceded just after the restart. Thereafter, they stopped being a team. They stopped defending and also attacking as a team. Every player was playing individually. Sarri says that he doesn’t know why this happened. They had just 45 minutes left in hand and it was possible to turn the situation around comfortably if they had kept focusing on the game. Every now and then the team reacts in a manner that is usable for him to decipher. This is the reason it creates some uncertainty. It is quite likely that some of the steps had been inevitable. However, Chelsea needs to understand why they are actually having the mental blackouts and how they can take care of it. Roman Abramovich is ready to offer his support to Sarri but the capitulation of the team has been pretty stunning and it has taken the hierarchy of the club by surprise. With the defeat of Chelsea, the supporters had vilified Sarri with chants saying that he doesn’t know what he is doing as he replaced Gonzalo Higuain in place of Olivier Giroud in the sixty-fourth minute. Cesar Azpilicueta has commented that the manager and the Chelsea players spoke like men following the long discussion in the dressing room after their defeat by Bournemouth. The Cherries have run a roughshod over the defense mechanism of Chelsea in the second half of the game. It is being said that the Blues have suffered their worst defeat in 23 years. After the match, Sarri asked the backroom staff to leave the dressing room for discussing the capitulation of the second hand with the squad along. However, he admitted later on that he didn’t know why his side underperformed in the game even after the meeting lasted for one hour.
Cesar Azpilicueta said that later on, they spoke like men in between the team the manager. He goes on to say that everybody is very angry and they have to find out a solution to this. Suffering 4 goals is just unacceptable. They are angry with what has happened because they had been expecting some other result. They have had a discussion with the team. They have a game in three days and them to win that. They have to be consistent because 10 days back they lost against Arsenal. They had a really bad game and then had 2 good games. Dropping back like is quite frustrating. This kind of defeat means that Chelsea is going to be dropped out of 4. Arsenal will take their place because of the goals that they have been able to score. Cesar Azpilicueta has admitted that the game has taken a serious turn for the men of Sarri. He has added that the battle is tight against Huddersfield who is the visitors of Stamford. Two weeks back Chelsea had been at a better position but now they have put themselves in a risk.

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