Wednesday , 18 May 2022

Sanchez Anxious About Losing His Effervescence At Man United

Alexis Sanchez, the forward player from Manchester United is worried that people might not have yet seen the best that he has to offer at Old Trafford as he keeps on fighting for the extended playing time in this season. 

The star player of Chile is a shadow player that he had been at Arsenal as he scored only 5 goals in thirty-seven appearances since the time he moved to Manchester United. He says that he would like to bring more happiness to the club. It worries him since he believes in his ability as a footballer and definitely wants to show it. As he struggled to maintain his fitness and form under Jose Mourinho, he has fallen down in the pecking order under the manager of the interim boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. Sanchez said that Solskjaer hasn’t spoken to him about what he should do on the pitch, but he feels that he is an experienced player. He states that he knows what he has to do and what he shouldn’t. Sanchez has given his confirmation that he had been injured as the assistant referee ran into him when he was warming up. He has bruises, but he doesn’t consider it as an excuse to not be a part of the game in a way that he normally is. According to him, he is the kind of player who if he doesn’t have contact with the ball might lose out on his spark. At times, he prefers playing every game. Source:

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