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Gabriel Muniz a boy with no feet but a growing football player

Football is the game which require passion and dedication. The person who has both these is can be called as a growing football player. Gabriel Muniz is a boy from Brazil who has no feet in both legs. But he do need those feet for playing football. He has the legs & these are enough for him to play football. This disease is the genetic which captured Gabriel right from his birth. But his legs are point of attraction to find him. It is known that when god gives less to you, he gives you more courage, passion and ability and that is visible in growing superstar Gabriel Muniz.

Dream team of Gabriel Muniz


Gabriel is just 11 years of old & his mom has told that he spend almost all of his time in playing football. She finds him every time with a ball in his feet. His dream team is Barcelona which is the club of country Spain. He is from Brazil which is considered as the country of football superstars. World’s top footballers like Pele, Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, Ricardo Kaka, Neymar are also from this country.

News you should Know about him

He is not only a good soccer player but also he is the captain of gym class. He said that his best friend is Lucas Santos. His friend has lots of words to praise about him. In an interview his friend said that when he play the game, he looks like fearless, stylish, dynamic. He know how to beat the defender in quick time. Gabriel makes every pass easy for collector. His elder brother is Mateus. Sandra (Mom of Gabriel) is afraid of his dream b’cause of his disability of legs. They are not as rich as a family should be to support his game. Later he said that when he was born we did not have thought that one day he can walk. But after only one year, he starts walking. He started walking before he spoke 1st time. When he walked first time we thought he will fell down & we were follwing him be he never fell.

Is there any supporting equipment for his legs ?

article-0-14ABC998000005DC-650_468x314There is an ankle which supports his legs to assist him get around in rainy weather. He is aware of that his incapacity suggests that he’ll ne’er be ready to play for knowledgeable team so archangel is hoping that soccer can in the future become a Paralympic sport. But he hates that ankle which makes him uncomfortable. Sometimes he goes to school without his supporting ankle.

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