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Forza Italia: results of Euro 2020

Euro 2020 ended with a dramatic victory for the Italian national team in a penalty shootout. The English received a painful blow, losing the final match in London in front of their fans. Nevertheless, the last European Championship turned out to be interesting, full of exploits, emotions and different life situations. This tournament will go down in history. Next, we will summarize the results of Euro 2020 and highlight its main points.

Top scorer

Cristiano Ronaldo - Juventus F.C.

The situation with the best scorer of the tournament turned out to be ambiguous. Both Cristiano Ronaldo and Patrick Schick scored five goals each. At the same time, the first scored only two goals from the game, and the second – 4. However, the Portuguese got the honorary title according to additional indicators, namely, assists. The Juventus forward gave one assist, which helped him win the goalscoring race. Karim Benzema (France), Emil Forsberg (Sweden) and Romelu Lukaku (Belgium) scored four goals each. It is also worth noting that Ronaldo became the best scorer in the history of the European championships. The Portuguese broke Michel Platini’s record and scored 14 goals at the World Cup. The Frenchman has nine goals. Alan Shearer and Antoine Griezmann have seven goals each at the European Championships.

Best Assistant

Steven Zuber - Switzerland national football team

The best assistant of Euro 2020 was Steven Zuber. The midfielder of the Swiss national team gave four assists in four matches. Dani Olmo (Spain), Luke Shaw (England) and Pierre-Emile Heybjerg (Denmark) each gave three assists. Zuber helped his team a lot with assists. Switzerland drew with Wales, lost to Italy, but beat Turkey, which was enough to reach the playoffs. In the 1/8 finals, the Swiss passed the French in a penalty shootout, which was perhaps the tournament’s primary sensation. “Cheesemakers” generally gave out top performances in a duel against the world champions, having won back with 1:3. Switzerland was already unlucky in the penalty shootout with Spain, but Vladimir Petkovic’s team still deserves praise.

The best goal+pass system

Cristiano Ronaldo became the best goal+pass system at Euro 2020. The Portuguese scored five goals and gave one assist, scoring 6 points. Patrick Schick lacked one assist to argue with the Juventus forward for winning in two categories at once. But the merits of the Czech, in any case, will not go unnoticed. Five goals scored at the continental championship is a serious indicator. It is also worth noting the captain of the Ukrainian national team, Andriy Yarmolenko. According to the goal+pass system, the winger of the” yellow-blue ” entered the top 10 players of Euro 2020 the goal+pass system. The leader of the Ukrainian national team scored 4 points (2 goals and two assists). This is more than, for example, Robert Lewandowski, Kevin De Bruyne and Memphis Depay.

Best goalkeeper

Gareth Southgate - England national football team

Italy goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma was recognized as the best player of Euro 2020. For the first time in history, a goalkeeper received this title. The PSG newcomer was outstanding, especially in the penalty shootouts. But the Italian is not the best goalkeeper of Euro 2020 in ” dry ” matches. This title was awarded to Jordan Pickford. The goalkeeper of the England national team played for zero in five games – this is the best indicator in the tournament. Donnarumma shared 2nd place in this category with the goalkeeper of the Belgian national team Thibaut Courtois. Both goalkeepers have 3 ” dry ” matches on their account. At the same time, the Italian played two more games. Along with his team, Courtois left Euro 2020 at the 1/4 final stage, just after losing to Squadra Azzurra. Pickford and Donnarumma became rivals in the final penalty shootout.

Tournament records

Many records were set at Euro 2020. One of them is for auto-goals. At the last World Cup, the players scored 11 times in their own goal. This is the highest figure in the history of the European Championships. The Italian national team became the first team member to win two consecutive penalty shootouts at the Euro. Cristiano Ronaldo became the first player in history to play at five European Championships in a row. The Russian national team was marked with an anti-record. The Russians became the first to lose a home match of the European Championship with a difference of 3 or more goals. The team of then Stanislav Cherchesov lost to the Belgian national team in the tournament’s first match with a score of 0:3. Among other things, Euro 2020 was the most productive in history. In the 51st match, the teams scored 142 goals.

Tournament Breakthrough

Kasper Dolberg - Christian Eriksen

The Danish national team probably deserves this title the most. Firstly, the “scarlet guard” became the first team in history to reach the playoffs of the European Championship after two defeats at the start of the tournament. Secondly, the Danes were the only non-top team that reached the semi-finals of Euro 2020. Perhaps Kasper Yulmand’s team could have gone even greater heights if not for a controversial penalty in the match against England, but that’s history. At the European Championship, Denmark proved to be a real team-both on and off the field. The Danes managed to pull themselves together after the terrible situation with Christian Eriksen and achieved more than anyone expected from them. After the defeat against England, Yulmand said that he was proud of the team. He has every right.

The worst team of the tournament

Someone is disappointed with the Belgian national team, someone is unhappy with Germany, and someone even with Spain, which reached Euro 2020. But the worst section of the tournament is Turkey. The Turks were the first to lose their chances of getting the playoffs ahead of schedule, losing three matches of the group stage with a total score of 1:8. Only Turkey and North Macedonia did not score a single point at the 2020 World Cup, but the Turks have much higher potential. This team consists of the best scorer of the French champion (Burak Yilmaz), the star of Serie A (Hakan Chalhanoglu), the defender who is interested in Barcelona (Caglar Sejunju), and well-known players in Europe, such as Cengiz Under, Ozan Kabak and Merih Demiral. A team with such a composition and potential was expected to perform much stronger at the continental championship. But Turkey has wholly failed.

The best team of the tournament

Cristiano Ronaldo - Leonardo Bonucci

According to the logic of things, the best team of Euro 2020 should be the champions. All right. The Italian national team held an outstanding tournament. The team of Roberto Mancini showed both bright, attacking football and the game from defence, more characteristic of the “Squadra” of previous years. The Italians won both in regular time and in extra time and penalty shootouts. At this tournament, they showed everything and gave all of themselves on the Roman and London fields. Few people believed Italy would win the Euro, even though even before the tournament began, Squadra had an impressive series without defeats and even without conceding goals. From the very beginning, this team has been endearing with its sincerity, energy and dedication. Mancini has assembled a team in which there are no indifferent people. That’s how they become champions.

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