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Maharashtra Football Clubs List with Names & Foundation

Maharashtra is one of biggest state of India where lots of games are being played. City Mumbai is the capital of Maharashtra where lots of football clubs are available & the city is also the home of Bollywood stars. In this state, Mumbai Football league is the major league which is now consists of more than 300 teams. There are total of 5 pyramids in this league of Mumbai. Here we are going to discuss about all football clubs of Indian state Maharashtra. Scroll down for all soccer clubs of Maharashtra.

List of Football Clubs of Maharashtra

There are total of 10 professional club in Maharashtra which includes city like Mumbai & Pune. Mumbai has 8 clubs whereas Pune has 2 soccer clubs. Out of these clubs, 3 clubs plays for I league which is the biggest football League tournament. 5 clubs plays for I‑League second division & the remaining 2 plays belongs to Mumbai Football league.

 All Soccer Clubs of Maharashtra
Mumbai Tigers F.C. [City: Mumbai, League: I‑League]
Mumbai Tigers  This club was formed on 2012. Earlier it was called as Dodsal F.C. But after some period, it was renamed as Mumbai Tigers which is the official name of club. Rajen Kilachand is the chairmen of this club & Bimal Ghosh is holding the command of manager.For the first time, this club played its first match in 2013. Right now, Mumbai Tigers does not have any official stadium. Whereas the Sports Complex is well known for its artificial field.
Mumbai F.C. [City: Mumbai, League: I‑League]
 Mumbai FC The name of this club is named on its city. The full name of this it is Mumbai Football club which was formed in 27 June 2007. Essel Group is the owner whereas Henry Picardo is the chairmen of this club. The manager of this club is Khalid Jamil. Right now this team is playing in I‑League.As the club is one of the best club of India, there is an official ground for this team. Shree Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex is the home stadium of this team. This stadium has an audience capacity of more than 22,000 spectators. In the season of I‑League 2012–13, the team was at 8th spot.
Pune F.C. [City: Pune, League: I‑League]
Pune FC. Club Here is another club which plays for I‑League & full name of it is Pune Football club. The squad has also a nickname which is called as Red Lizards. It was established in the year of 2007. Ashok Piramal Group is owner & Nandan Piramal is the chairmen of Pune F.C. Mike Snoei is head coach of this professional football team.Like the above team, it also has have official stadium. Balewadi Sports Complex is the home ground of Pune F.C. which have same audience capacity as Shree Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex have. This team was the runner of I‑League season 2012–13.
Air India [City: Mumbai, League: I‑League 2nd division]
 Air India Football club Air India is a club which also belongs to Mumbai which is one of the oldest club of Indian Football. The foundation of this team took place in 1952. Right now, the manager of this squad is Naushad Moosa. As the name suggests, Air India is the Owner of this club. The team has also a nickname called The Pilots.It is also known with an official football ground which is called as Cooperage Ground. The location of this stadium is Mumbai, Maharashtra. The ground is holding the capacity of 12,000 audience.
ONCG FC [City: Mumbai, League: I‑League 2nd division]
 ONGC Football club Another club from Mumbai called ONGC. Full name of ONGC is Oil & Natural Gas Corporation football club. The foundation of the club took place in the year of 2006. ONGC is the owner & Vivek Bhowmik is the chairmen of this team. Caitano Pinho is holding the command of manager.ONGC also have a separate ground. The name of ONGC ground of Ambedkar Stadium which is situated in New Delhi. In 2006, the team was formed in the hope of expanding their involvement in Indian football which included title sponsoring the old National Football League & Durand Cup.
Kenkre F.C. [City: Mumbai, League: I‑League 2nd division]
 Kenkre F.C. Maharashtra The full name of this team is Kenkre football club which was founded in 2000. It have a ground which is Cooperage Ground having capacity of 5,000 spectators. Sir Adib Kenkre is the chairmen & Floyd Pinto is the manager of Kenkre F.C.Kenkre F.C. was crowned champions of the Maha League 2010 for the first time in the history after defeating Bengal Mumbai F.C. with a goal score of 3–0. Kenkre F.C. made its debut on this national stage by playing in Group of the I‑League 2nd division.
PIFA Sports FC [City: Mumbai. League: I‑League 2nd division]
 PIFA football club logo Full name of PIFA is Premier Indian Football Academy which was founded in the year of 2006. The team have a stadium called Cooperage ground which is known for having an audience capacity of more than twelve thousand.PIFA Sports FC was earlier known as “PIFA Colaba FC” is an Indian Football club based in Mumbai. The squad is the professional team of Premier Football Academy who plays in I‑League second division.
Bengal Mumbai FC [Club: Mumbai, League, Mumbai Football league]
Bengal Mumbai FC Logo The name of this squad is the combination of two states of India i.e. Bengal & Mumbai. It was founded in 1989 & is a professional club. The brainchild of Krishnendu Sen who is owner of media agency, , Ajit Karmakaer & Shankar Maitra among the others, it had inducted Iranian Jamshed Nassiri as their coach.Bengal Mumbai FC hold the distinguish record of winning 2 major league tournaments during the same year of its inception i.e. Mumbai Super division in 1998 & Rovers Cup in the same year.
SEC Railway SC [City: Mumbai, League: I‑League 2nd division]
SEC Railway SC logo SEC Railway SC is known as South East Central Railway Sports club as its full name. South East central Railway is the merger of 3 Indian clubs which are South Railway SC, Eastern Railway SC & Central Railway SC. They play their home matches on The Cooperage Ground in Mumbai.They are currently playing in the NFL 2nd division & are on the most popular Maharashtrian clubs in India. fans refer to them as the Railmen in English. They have recently improved a lot in their game under the current coach of Santanu Ghosh. They have a 4 Inter Railway trophies under their best and added one memorable Khalifa Ziauddin.
DSK Shivajians [Club: Pune, League: I‑League 2nd division]
DSK Shivajians FC Logo DSK Shivajians Football club is an Indian I‑League 2nd division club which is based in Pune. DSK Shivajians was founded in 1987 & in 2013 they played their first ever national season. The squad was promoted to the Pune Super Division, the top football league in the Maharashtra district of Pune in the year of 1989.Then in early 2013, it was announced their intent to make it at the national level of football academy by asking for direct entry into the I‑League which is the top soccer league in India. However on 25 January 2013 it was announced that instead of direct entry.

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