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CA Talleres vs CA Independiente, Superliga Argentina 2024 REGULAR SEASON

CA Talleres
CA Independiente
0 : 1
28th of January 2023 22:15
First half: 45  |  Second half: 45

Live comments

  • 0' - KICK OFF: CA Talleres gets underway.
  • 5' - It looks surprising CA Talleres does not make any changes. Rodrigo Garro has some obvious troubles when approaching to the goal.
  • 10' - The teams are not in a rush to score plenty of goals. It might look strange considering CA Independiente that had 109 games and scored 132 goals.
  • 14' - Javier Ostachuk is replacing Luciano Gomez for the CA Independiente side.
  • 19' - CA Independiente started playing very sharply right from the kick off. However, it slowed down the tempo rapidly by 19.
  • 24' - Spectators do not have much to choose from both teams. The sides had several scoring chances but they still need a bit more than just a sight of a goal.
  • 29' - looks like a favorite considering 0 games won in last 0 matches with its main striker scoring goals.
  • 32' - CA Independiente receives a Yellow card for a hard tackle on 32.
  • 33' - CA Independiente player sees a Yellow card in front of him.
  • 34' - Francisco Pizzini is having his name booked by the referee on 34.
  • 35' - Francisco Pizzini is having his name booked by the referee on 35.
  • 40' - We miss some good tackles and strikes. Is there anyone on the field to put the game back to action?
  • 45' - The referee calls foul for Angelo Martino. He receives a Yellow card.
  • 46' - The supporters are chanting for Christian Oliva. He replaces Diego Ortegoza on 46 minute.
  • 51' - While there is no rush on the pitch, let’s have a look at some stats. Rodrigo Marquez made 109 appearances and scored 1 goals. He is very likely to score a goal today.
  • 52' - CA Independiente is taking the lead after the goal scored by Angelo Martino on 52.
  • 54' - Diego Barrera has so much to prove this time. He replaces Valentin Depietri on 54 minute.
  • 57' - It’s gonna be a Red card for Ivan Marcone.
  • 58' - Ivan Marcone is having his name booked by the referee on 58.
  • 60' - Another change for CA Talleres made on 60 minute. Rodrigo Villagra leaves to be changed by Nahuel Bustos.
  • 62' - Sergio Ortiz is replacing Juan Cazares for the CA Independiente side.
  • 66' - It’s gonna be a Yellow card for Tomas Pozzo.
  • 67' - Tomas Pozzo was booked on 67.
  • 68' - It’s a booking for CA Talleres player. Angelo Martino gets a Red card.
  • 73' - Ayrton Costa has certainly something to prove this evening. He made 0 appearances with only 0 goals this season.
  • 75' - It is a substitution in CA Talleres team. Rodrigo Garro is replaced by David Zalazar on 75 minute.
  • 77' - The whistle greets Matias Gimenez Rojas as he departs to be replaced by Martin Cauteruccio.
  • 78' - Time for substitution for CA Independiente. Tomas Pozzo is replaced by Mauricio Cuero.
  • 79' - The referee shows CA Talleres player a Yellow card on 79.
  • 79' - Time for substitution for CA Independiente. Rodrigo Marquez is replaced by Joaquin Laso.
  • 84' - CA Talleres is showing some good football. However, CA Talleres are ready to play back every minute. It might result in some problems for the home side. The game will hardly remain goalless.
  • 88' - The referee shows CA Talleres player a Yellow card on 88.
  • 90' - That looks like a foul for a Yellow card for Ayrton Costa.
  • That’s it! Another goalless match for CA Talleres and CA Independiente (для сухой ничьи).

Today 2023-01-28 CA Talleres vs CA Independiente are fighting Superliga Argentina league .

CA Talleres had 27 games and get got 35 points in Season (2018/19)

CA Independiente had 27 games and get got 35 points in Season (2018/19)