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The hidden talents of football stars

Top footballers are already crazy talented at their jobs, at least most of the time. A lot of these athletes are also talented in other areas, some may dominate other sports. There are for sure there few talents on this list that will come as a surprise. So, if you are ready, let’s find out what the biggest stars on the field can master when they are not playing football: 


There are plenty of poker aficionados on the football field, two of the biggest names are Gerard Pique and Ronaldo. The Barcelona defender has won every title our there for a footballer, and he’s also been known to flex his poker prowess on European Poker Tour where he won a respectable $56.000. The Brazilian has also won over $40.000 in poker tournaments. So, you might not encounter these giants anytime soon, but it never hurts to brush up on your skills on online poker and see who walks into your next hand. 


This one goes to Zlatan Ibrahimovic, the famous striker earned his black belt at just 17 years old, back in his hometown of Malmo, Sweden. Some people from his youth say that at the time he was a better martial artist than he was a footballer. Ibrahimovic is said to have combined the two sports, with high altitude kicks, and imaginative plays defining his football style. 


Socrates, the world remembers him as the captain of the incredible Brazil 1984 World Cup Squad, a true legend and star of football. What people might not know is that he was also a physician. Socrates actually obtained his degree while playing professional soccer, and returned to the profession after his career in football was over. Making him one incredibly impressive player and person. 


Who is one of the world’s most acclaimed goalkeepers and a rock drummer? That would be Peter Cech, the man with the most perfect clean sheet score in the Premiership League history, has also taken his hands and coordination talents into music. Cech revealed that drumming improved his moods and helped his skills as a footballer as well. You can see some of his drum playing on YouTube, where he has been sharing videos since 2014. 


Manuel Akanji is one of the rising stars of the german Borussia Dortmund squad, and he might also be one of the smartest footballers out there. The Switzerland international, who is a math wizard, has been interested in numbers and calculations since he was a kid, although he says he doesn’t really know why or where the interest comes from. He impressed the public with his skill in an interview with SRF Sport, solving calculations faster than the interviewer who was armed with a calculator. Maybe he can calculate how Borussia Dortmund can come out as the winner from every challenge.   It is hardly surprising when football stars are good at other athletic activities, but sometimes you can discover a pleasant surprise from footballers you thought you knew very well. It is always good to have a nice party trick to impress, and who knows some of them can turn their talents into a second plan for a career. 

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