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Sir Alex Ferguson gives Blueprint for successful journey

The former manager of English football club Manchester United Sir Alex Ferguson has revealed his blue prints for success. He unveiled how he has done his home work when he was at managerial position in Man United. In Harvard school, he gave an interview to the school professor and told the path to make a strong team. He said he did not even think that he is manager of club and was always making strategies whether he is in home, outside or in dressing room. A good manager manages not only the situation but also rebuild his team when the performance is not up to the mark. Manchester United has made lots of superstars’ right from the date of foundation. The football legends like David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Wayne Rooney are made by this English club under the guidance of Sir Alex Ferguson. Later on he defined that without taking risks the possibility of winning is very low as compared to taking risk. sir-alex-ferguson

Here are the Blueprints by Sir Alex Ferguson

1. Make strong base for club: He said that time “when I join Man United, I thought only of making a football club. I just wanted to build a strong foundation or base of the club because more strong is the base more strength can be attain. I want to say to new managers that make sure that you have to win to survive. There is a rule in some football club that after 3 losses in a row & are fired. I am not 100% sure that any of club has so much patience to sign a new manager. Your win of a game is not permanent & you can next game. But building a world class club it requires consistency & stability” 2. Make high standards: About this topic he said “Whatever we done for this team is for maintaining standards. I applied this rule to all my team members including preparation team. I had to raise the expectation of team players & hope I have done my job. To every member I use to say if you give in once, you will give in twice. I was the 1st to reach early in the morning. But during my last days, the staff members were already there before 7am.” 3. Match the message with moment: “We are human being & we all love to hear the word well done. No one like that he or she should be criticized. When there some mistakes by players you have to point out when the performance is below expectations. At the same time the word well done has to be used when the job is done perfectly. One thing I want to put in players was believe. This I found in every player about their game and believe in each other. During 8min after half time that time is so crucial. It is very important to use this in smooth and calm manner if you are winning. But when you are loosing then you have to put a special impact on players so that they can make comeback in match.” 4. Dare to rebuild team: “I think that the successful team last may be for 4 years. After that there would be huge changes that can be done in team. That time is the time which shows you how you work in different conditions. You have to dare to make changes. The whole team is divided into 3 categories: young, 23 to 30 & above 30. For rebuilding the team, Attention more on young players as the experienced has so much to teach the young ones.” DON’T MISS: Sir Alex Ferguson Career coach in Manchester United 5. Believe in power of Observation: This is the tool which I have used so much during my managerial career. When I was at Aberdeen, in afternoon I was talking with assistant manager & there was also one another coach at there. Both of them pointed that I could benefit from not always having to lead the training. Firstly I though this is not right but, but later I found they are correct. So I gave charge of training to them. But my mind was still there. There are the players who do not want out of game due to injury. Sometimes I used the words to players that you are not fine though he is fine. All decisions are taken for his fitness because the minor injury can create serious problem in future 6. Prepare to win: “This blueprint should be highly marked by every manager. Winning is in my nature & there is no other option for me. In last matches we have struggled very hard& for that I have taken very large number of risks as I am a risk taker. It does not matter to me that how many players are injured. Still I ran for win. If we are loosing 3–1 and there are only 15 min. left for the game then we would play fearlessly and upgrade the attacking power. And if we lose by 3–2 then it would be a perfect comeback. It is just an awesome behavior that I have used in Manchester United” 

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