Saturday , 25 June 2022

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Buy Premier League 2014–15 Match Ball Online

Buy 2014-15 Premier league match ball

Nike has unveiled new premier league official match ball for Premier league 2013–14. The latest Nike Ordem 2 OMB is now available for online purchase. On of the leading online football store is allowing you to purchase this ball online. Its current price mentioned on their website is $149.99. Nike has given “Nike Ordem 2” name to this new ball for Barclays premier league which will be used in 2014–15 season of BPL.

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Football ball History, FIFA World Cup Balls and League balls

The ball used in football is also called as soccer ball. Basically the shape of the ball is sphere & It’s designed is based on standard weight, size and material which is specified by the laws of the game. Now days balls are totally changed with unique size & still the designers are working on designing a ball which can become the best suited for the game. A unique designed ball is selected for the FIFA World Cup. Also every league tournament has its special ball for all matches.

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