Tuesday , 28 June 2022

Liverpool Facing Unprecedented Challenge In The Premier League

History sides with Liverpool, the leaders of Premier League while they chase the title of the first league since 1990. However, stats show that they are 4 points ahead of Manchester City after playing twenty-one games. This is a very small margin between the top two teams in more than a century. 

The previous eleven teams with 52 or more points that this at the similar stage from 1905-06 have gone on to secure the title. Nonetheless, the robustness of the top four teams of this year means that Liverpool is going to face an arduous task. According to the statistics of the previous season, prior to the move of the English top flight from 2–3 points for winning in the year 1981. Data shows that the present top 4 is the most dominant ones till date. Liverpool, Tottenham, Manchester City, and Chelsea are only separated by 10 points. They are on the way to break the record of 333 points cumulatively set by the top 4 in each of the game. Amongst the 11 teams which won the league following their lead at this point sine 1905-06 when twenty teams had competed for the first time ever, many teams had significant leads unlike the slender advantage of Liverpool during this time of the year. Manchester City had an advantage of 14 points over Chelsea at this stage and the first top team to reach the mark of 50 points after twenty-one and not be leading the table.

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