Friday , 30 July 2021
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“gabriele marcotti: alexis sanchez might abandon red devils”

Gabriele Marcotti: Alexis Sanchez might abandon Red Devils

It was reported on Friday that the Red Devils were negotiating with some football clubs a possibility of a transfer for their player Alexis Sanchez.

Eventually, his potential transfer to Inter Milan might be a serious loss for the club’s striking capability. That’s what Gabriele Marcotti uncovered in his recent interview.

The club’s current striking options are represented by Anthony Martial and Marcus Rashford. Besides this, Mason Greenwood currently acts as their understudy and also serving as the club’s late replacement in two Premier League plays of the season.

Earlier, Romelu Lukaku moved to Inter Milan for $89,63m. Gabriele Marcotti is assured that if Alexis Sanchez does the same the team will be seriously weakened this football season.

Alexis Sanchez demonstrated decent performance at the Copa America. Gabriele Marcotti added that despite Rashford and Martial are good players the club can’t rely solely on them especially if any of them is occasionally injured.

“gabriele marcotti: alexis sanchez might abandon red devils”

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