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Gabriel Jesus the New Man City Rising Star

All Man City fans were delighted to know that their rising star Gabriel Jesus would stay with the club until 2023. The new deal with the promising Brazilian was signed back in 2018 for two years with possible extension. The 21-year old striker has proved to have great skills and enormous scoring potential. He hit the net 24 times during 54 appearances. It is not surprising, most experts consider him as the major talent. Gabriel Jesus Man City prior role on the pitch is out of the question. He makes a significant contribution practically in every game. It’s high time we learned a bit more about the Jesus Man City rising star. 

Gabriel Jesus Early Career

Gabriel started playing football at the age of 8 in the amateur team Clube Pequeninos do Meio Ambiente. Then he moved to Associação Atlética Anhanguera. The professional career started in 2013 when a promising Brazilian boy joined Palmeiras. He was so good on the pitch that managed to break club’s scoring record hitting the net 54 times making 48 appearances during the season.
Several managers made numerous efforts to hold Gabriel back and prevent him from leaving Brazil for top European football championships. However, his last goal at the age of 18 during the Copa De Brazil against Cruzeiro made it clear: the boy would get to the top club in the nearest future. In 2016, he was eventually signed by Manchester City but officially joined the team in 2017. 

The Story Behind Jesus Man City Name

A few people know that striker’s original name was Gabriel Fernando. However, once he has made a name for himself as the top scorer, Gabriel was given a shirt with the 33 number (the age of Christ). The press officer insisted the wonder boy should take the Jesus name. This is how Gabriel Jesus Man City got the moniker we all know today. 

Jesus Career in a New Club

After a great season 2017–2018 with 24 goals in 54 appearances, Gabriel got a chance to sign a new contract with Man City with its further prolongation. It means the striker may stay in the club until 2023. Jesus was excited with such a great opportunity.
The wonder kid seems to be 100% satisfied with the atmosphere in the tea and on the stadium. He thanked the supporters for a warm welcome in one of his interviews. Gabriel also told he appreciated the environment inside the club. According to the insiders, Man City manager pep likes Gabriel’s style and enjoys working with a new rising star. Pep played a vital role in signing Jesus. It seems like the Brazilian will soon play the major role on the pitch. Let’s hope he will meet manager’s and fans’ expectations.

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