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England new uniform kit for world cup 2014, new Jersey

The new uniform kit of England national football team for World cup 2014 is revealed by Nike. Few changes are designed in this new uniform & will be released just after start of 2014. Recently, Nike has also unveiled new kit for Brazil which will be launched in next month.


In this new kit, 150 years old badge will not be printed. Instead of it, a new monochromatic logo is printed. Main color of shirt is blue-white for home games & red-white for away matches. For home games, the uniform is white jersey with blue colored shorts for home.

Color of socks will also be available in same. England played World cup of 2010 with all white & all red uniform. This may repeat in upcoming tournament also as FIFA has given very strict instruction.

Uniform Kit of England Goalkeeper

Home: No changes are made in goalkeeper uniform. He will be appeared in same color as of Manchester City GK. Green color garish yellow elements will be printed on it. Also, green color of socks will be used by Goalie.

Away: For away matches, he will be appearing in Pro Gold (yellow color) jersey with garish green marks. Shorts of attack blocker are designed in black for away games.

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Nike has created an operation while this new uniform may feature technical innovation & also performance benefits. In training session of England, Wilshere arrived to watch their training at The Priory School in Hitchin, before picking out lucky student Jason Kelly.

Key Features

  • It is made by recycled polyester which a part of Nike. Plastic water bottles are used in the manufacture of shirt & shorts.
  • Nike used Dri-Fit technology which helps to remove sweat from body with the help of fabric. It easily evaporates sweat to keep player cool & calm.
  • It is also crafted with T-bars which gives more outstanding look & also increases act as well as comfort.
  • The total weight of whole kit is just 150gms. This is 23% less than that of last. It also boasts a 20% stronger knit & the stretch quality is higher than last kit.
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