Saturday , 24 February 2024

Diego Maradona Criticizes The Presidency Of Gianni Infantino

Diego Maradona made a statement about the Gianni Infantino, the FIFA president and criticized him. He said that the institution hasn’t changed even a bit since the time Sepp Blatter departed. 

Blatter, the former President had been banned 6 years ago from football. This was in 2015 and had been done by the ethics committee of the world governing body as he approved a payment of £1.3m to Michel Platini, the UEFA president in the year 2011. Infantino, the former UEFA general secretary then replaced Blatter following the win in the presidential election of 2016. Maradona states that he had resigned from the Legend’s program of FIFA because of the recent mistreatment under the management of Infantino. He states that he has sent over a letter to Gianni, the FIFA President where he gave his resignation to the post of captain of the FIFA legends. As Sepp, the former president of FIFA and Grondona, the president of former Argentina Football Association, FIFA has not changed one bit, said Maradona. He goes on to say that they put them in a hotel room with Marco, the former Dutch player, and some other player. Thereafter, they had been treated like dogs who had to be fed, that all. This is a complete lack of respect. This is the reason he resigned and now he will start to speak what he knows about this new FIFA. Maradona is also known to have challenged the Zvonimir Boban, the deputy secretary-general of FIFA to a fight of boxing. Source:

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