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2006-07 man united hairsut of Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo all Hairstyle With Pictures & Wallpapers

As we all know Cristiano Ronaldo is currently world’s best player & the player is known not only for his game, but also as a fashion icon. He is the player who has combined football with fashion & took football to new heights. Ronaldo always in news for his new hairstyles & physical appearance. Those who are die hard fan of him always tries to make their own hairstyle like him. Lets have a look on all hairstyles of this footballer cum fashion icon.

All Hairstyles of Cristiano Ronaldo

Many times, he is awarded as the sexiest player of the year. Frankly speaking, we don’t know who is the hairdresser of Ronaldo, but we can surely say that, he or she found a great customer in name of CR7. When Ronaldo was young, no body can easily guess that he will be a fashion icon one day along with football super star, but now looking at his past, it is very difficult to say about how Ronaldo transformed from his teen age to present age.

First haircut of Cristiano Ronaldo

Manchester United 2003-04 hairstyle of Cristiano Ronaldo
cool style of Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid 2009-10 hair style of Cristiano Ronaldo
Hair pulled style of Cristiano Ronaldo Cristiano Ronaldo gel hairstyle
Cristiano Ronaldo haircut Cristiano Ronaldo hairstyle with gel
Euro 2004 hairstyle of Cristiano Ronaldo curly hairstyle of Cristiano Ronaldo
long haircut haircut with gel
New Cristiano Ronaldo hairtysle in Portugal New cut for photoshoot
Gentle hairstyle of Cristiano Ronaldo Cristiano Ronaldo haircut for armani
Gentle hair cut of Cristiano Ronaldo Best ever hairstyle of Cristiano Ronaldo
2006-07 man united hairsut of Cristiano Ronaldo CR7 Real Madrid haircut

Make Hairstyle Like Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo natural hairs are in curly shape & to avoid this curliness, his hair dresser prefers to make short hairs on sides. In his current hairstyle, his hairs are in medium length with short length sideways. To overcome curliness of hairs, his hair dresser pill up those hairs. With this type of technique, you’ll get more options of making new hairstyles. He likes to apply hair gel on his hairs which allows his hairs to keep in the required direction for very long period of time. But don’t use the gel in large amount as it may become harmful for your hairs. We often see him changing hairstyle & almost after every month. As the Real Madrid winger like to make experiments, so he keeps on doing experiments on field & off field. When he was playing for Portuguese football club sporting Lisbon, his hair color was brown. And now we know Ronaldo with black color hair cut. During the period of Manchester United, he also preferred spikes named hairstyle which also got huge appreciations from his fans. There are more than 40 hairstyles of Cristiano Ronaldo & if we ask you that which one is the best, then it would be very difficult for you. His team partner Gareth Bale is also fond of new hairstyles & he also do not hesitate for spending thousands of pounds for his hairs.

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