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Confederation Cup: Brazil vs. Italy MatcUpcoming Match

We have two more games of group rounds of Confederation cup. On 22-06-2013 2 big matches will be played between 4 big teams. The first match is between Italy vs. Brazil. This match will be played in Salvador. The second match is Japan vs. Mexico in Belo Horizonte. Brazil has won its last match against Mexico in which Neymar has scored goal. Here are the schedules of both matches of this Confederation cup of Brazil 2013.


Brazil vs. Italy Match Schedule
Tournament Confederation Cup
Date 16:00
Game Week 3
Venue Salvador


Head 2 Head
Date Competition Result
22-03-2013 FRI Italy: 2 Brazil: 2
22-06-2009 COC Italy: 0 Brazil: 3
11-02-2019 FRI Italy: 0 Brzail: 2
08-06-1997 FRI Italy: 3 Brazil: 3
17-07-1994 WOC Italy: 0 Brazil: 0 (P)
05-07-1982 WOC Italy: 3 Brazil: 2
24-06-1978 WOC Italy: 1 Brazil: 2

Comparison of Teams

Comparison Italy Brazil
Matches Played 9 9
Wins 2 5
Draws 2 2
Losses 5 2
Goals for 12 19
Goals Against 19 12
Points 8 17

Top Players of both teams

In this tournament so far, for Italy, Mario Balotelli is the top goal scorer who has scored 2 goals. De Rossi, S. Giovinco and A. Pirlo also have scored single goals in the tournament. Balotelli has collected 1 PG in this cup.

For Brazil 2 players have scored 2 goals each in this Confederation cup. Neymar is the player who has scored 2 goals but he has not any PG point. Jo has also scored two goals. Paulinho has also a single goal.

Title Comparison

In the comparison of world titles then, Brazil have won this battle. As the team has won 5 times FIFA World Cup titles. Italy have won 4 times. Italy is one time European Champion & Brazil is not. Italy has also won single title each of EC Qualification and Olympics whereas Brazil has won any of these titles.

But Brazil has won 3 times confederation cup, 8 times Copa America tournament and 3 times Pan American Games. In upcoming FIFA World Cup of 2014 The both teams are looking as strong competitor for current Champion Spain.

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