Friday , 30 July 2021
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“christian eriksen prefers spain to manchester united”

Christian Eriksen prefers Spain to Manchester United

Manchester United have recently considered signing Christian Eriksen. However, Tottenham’s player has neglected Manchester United’s offer in favor of Spain. Eriksen has just one year left to play for Tottenham, so Manchester United thought they had a good chance to acquire Christian Eriksen.

Earlier, Tottenham’s player aged 27 openly expressed his willingness to try something new. However, Manchester United failed to become that “new.” Instead, the player decided to move to Real Madrid. What’s more, Juventus and Atlético Madrid are also interested in the player, both ready to shell out $54,66m for him.

The talks over probable transfers have concluded. So, most probably, Christian Eriksen won’t change his mind in favor of Manchester United.

Additionally, Romelu Lukaku has been recently caught training with Anderlecht. Manchester United haven’t commented on it but expected him to return.

On the contrary, Ole Gunnar Solskjær, the newly-arrived Norwegian player appreciated how Manchester United’s young players developed for the pre-season.

“christian eriksen prefers spain to manchester united”

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