Tuesday , 28 June 2022

Cardiff Is The Ideal Place For Camarasa Says Warnock

Neil Warnock, the Cardiff boss has insisted that Victor Camarasa is in the ideal place to thrive. The loanee of Real Betis struck from twenty-five yards even during the time of his injury for earning 1–0 win for the Bluebirds at Leicester. This was the third goal by the midfielder in this season after Neil Etheridge saves the second-half penalty by James Maddison.

Warnock has stated that Camarasa is not going to have the loan cut short in the month of January irrespective of the repeated interest shown by the other clubs. He feels that Camarasa will be able to survive pretty well in the capital of Welsh. He says that he needed to come and play in a club like theirs. All he needed was to be loved and welcomed. According to Warnock, he is a super boy. Warnock commented on his game and said that he does that on a regular basis but he feels that his free-kick had been poor. He had shot into the hands just before. He keeps telling him to keep shooting and he is never going to shout on him. This is only because Warnock knows that he is capable of doing this. Warnock made a joke and said that Carla Vila is the partner of Camarasa for thanking him for convincing him to join the team. He has also stated that they need to push Cardiff and check out if any players would like to come to Cardiff. This is the best chance they have to secure top players.

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