Monday , 11 December 2023

Are the Odds Up for Ole?

Manchester United’s fortunes have been up and down since the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson.  Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, one of many ex-players taking on the gauntlet of managership, is one of several head coaches who has found himself under intense scrutiny.  In fact, odds suggest that his sacking from United could be imminent.  Whether you’re an online betting fan or spend most of your time at casinos such as LeoVegas, Solskjaer’s impending doom will likely have been apparent to you.

Solskjaer’s Sorrows

Taking the helm at United is not an easy job.  However, early on in his time as manager here, things were looking shaky.  The team barely converted in their first few matches, and their recent form isn’t much to write home about. Even if you prefer cricket betting to football betting, United’s sagas have been tough to avoid.  The team recently fell to Burnley 2–0, a score line that puts them below qualification for the Champions’ League.  If Solskjaer fails to convert on the next few matches, he could be out on his ear. Whether you look at online cricket betting or other sports betting odds at LeoVegas, you’ll likely see Solskjaer’s odds for the sack falling hard.  United has had a tough time finding a worthy successor to Sir Alex – but is Ole merely going through a rough patch? 

More Drama

One of the big reasons for Solskjaer’s odds slashing at LeoVegas and elsewhere is thanks to drama with United’ owners.  The Glazer family, in ownership of the club, have spoken out against recent signings.  However, something needs to be done if United wants to scale the Premiership again. United is a difficult job to take thanks to its incredible history.  It is known as one of the biggest clubs in the world.  Therefore, anything less than measured success is going to look poorly on management. Many people betting on cricket and football love to seize on drama.  United’s inner turmoil is leading to some very interesting market shifts.  Even the smallest cricket betting sites in India will likely pick up on the recent tabloid furore!  Unfortunately for Solskjaer, he is in a role where everyone – even casual fans – will be watching. 

What Next?

Crucially, Solskjaer needs to tap into the nerve of the problem at United.  Are they just not playing well together?  Is the main squad losing faith in the leadership?  We don’t know all the gory details. However, it’s likely many people will be hovering around the odds on Solskjaer leaving United soon.  Whether at LeoVegas or elsewhere, online betting fans are likely to be looking keenly at his markets.  Nothing less than a tighter team, and more confident performances will help to turn the Devils around. It’s anyone’s guess as to how long Solskjaer will hold on for.  You may even find that some bookies are lining up his successor already!  In any case, it is safe to say that unless United win through on their next big matches – and get back in that qualifier zone – Ole is over and out.

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