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Barcelona troll Ronaldo after 3 – 0 win in El Clasico
Photo by luissuarez9

Barcelona troll Ronaldo after 3 – 0 win in El Clasico

Sunday El Clasico was overwhelmed by outstanding Barcelona’ performance. Real Madrid has few good chances in the first half, but they missed them all and couldn’t score. However, the second half was completely taken by Catalonians. Barca dominated on the pitch until the very end, which brought them 3 goals and 14 points advantage in La Liga.

Barcelona troll Ronaldo after 3 – 0 win in El Clasico
Photo by luissuarez9

Cristiano Ronaldo had two good chances, but it wasn’t enough. Karim Benzema also tried to score, however, the attempt led to hitting the post.  After Barcelona opened the score, Los Blancos lost Daniel Carvajal in the key moment. Despite struggling, The substitute Marc-Andre ter Stegen couldn’t affect the situation and then Catalonians made two more goals.

Barcelona took lead when Suarez confidently scored on 54’ due to Rakitic’ and Sergi Roberto’ assistance. Once more Paulinho attempted to score a header, but Carvajal beat it off with his hand. After that followed successful Messi’ penalty. The top-scorer slammed spot-kick and increased his statistic up to 25 goals in all El Clasico competitions. Finally, substitute Vidal scored a late goal on 93’ due to Messi’ assistance, while he lost a boot. Three goals and another win for Barcelona, while Real Madrid going to winter holidays in despair.

Barca trolls Ronaldo after the match

After winning match Barcelona’ players went to their dressing room and made few celebrating pictures, which is completely usual practice for all football clubs in the world. It wouldn’t be so hilarious if Vidal, who made the great impact during his 2-minute play, hasn’t imitated Ronaldo’ flexing abs pose. Maybe he didn’t mean it to be that way, but many Barcelona’ fans noticed Vidal’ trolling.

The winter break begins for both La Liga giants until Copa del Rey title. The next Barcelona game will be against Celta on January 4. Real Madrid will face Numancia on January 7. Don’t miss!

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