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Zlatan’s career at Man United is over

Swedish star was sidelined for 9 months with shattered knee ligaments. Apparently, he’ll  be out at the start of 2018. And according to the news, it was last Zlatan’s appearance for Manchester United.

The incident is extremely catastrophic for Jose Mourinho. Now he is to evaluate Zlatan’s contract and consider his future. But the main problem is the void which formed right after they lost main forward.

Swedish player had a massive impact on the team in the season. Zlatan scored  26 goals and became English hero. But now Mourinho should quickly figure out how they will win the Europa League without main star and secure top place at the Champions League qualification.

And for Ibra, the situation is a real disaster. The 35 y.o. player jumped for the ball during Man United v Anderlecht match and awry landed on the right leg. Worst fears came true. Ibrahimovic had an operation and doctors said that he’ll be recovering for 9 months.

Mourinho will not wait for Zlatan and probably replacement could be on of the players: Atletico Madrid’s Antoine Griezmann, Everton’s Romelu Lukaku (Chelsea also are willing to sign him up) and long-term target Tottenham’s Harry Kane.

It’s just crazy that Ibrahimovich career in Manchester ended like a flash. You never know what life bring you next.

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