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Zinedine Zidane: A Path from Childhood to the Real Madrid Manager

Zinedine Zidane is a living football legend for millions of fans around the globe. He represents the golden generation of footballers and teams involved in the epic battles for the European football crown. Zinedine has played in four top clubs and played in the notorious World Cup final 2006 against Italy when getting a red card for hitting Materazzi. It seems like the French leader never grows old. Do you really know Zinedine Zidane age? Where was he born? How old is Zidane? Keep on reading a find the answers to shoe questions. 

Where Was Zidane Born?

The French football legend was born on June 23, 1972. You will hardly face any difficulty to figure out Zinedine Zidane age. Hailing from Marseille, France, the future superstar started playing football on the streets at his early childhood. Most of his time Zidane spent in the rough borough of Marseille also known as La Castellane, as he was the son of the Algerian immigrants.
Zizou was a very gifted kid. After being spotted by scouts, he managed to get to the French Football Federation training camp at the age of 14. Later he moved to AS Cannes where Zidane played for three years mastering his amazing skills, great ball control and amazing vision of the pitch 

Growing into a Professional

After playing for three years in the French youth division, it was high time Zidane moved to the A team of AS Cannes. He made his official debut for the club at the age of 17. It was a spectacular appearance, as the future national star scored his first goal in the first match. During his career, Zinedine played for various top European clubs.  After leaving Cannes for Bordeaux, he also managed to perform his amazing roll-around play in Juventus and Real Madrid. His transfer to Juve was like a new lease of life for the team. It started gaining recognition in the European arena. Zizou won various trophies with the team from Torino including UEFA Super Cup, two Seria A trophies, the Italian Super Cup, and more. 

The Story behind Zidane and Real Madrid

By 2001, Zidane was already a key player in the midfield position. He gained the reputation of a flawless dribbler able to make a pass on any distance. Moreover, any keeper could hardly cope with his strike away from the box. In 2001, Zinedine leaves Juve for Madrid for the record transfer sum ($66 million).
No one actually had the slightest doubt that money would eventually let the team bear fruit. It was like investing in the award-winning project that could give dividends right from the start. Zidane’s move appeared to be a success. The French midfielder helped the club to win the UEFA Champions League the same year followed by the La Liga trophy the following season. 

The Newly Established Real Madrid Manager

The first step in becoming a manager was entering the club’s management team as an advisor. Later Zidane got a position of the sporting director. The year 2012 appeared to be the turning point for the ex-player. Zinedine started coaching a Real youth team and in 2016, he got the position of the first team manager. Many experts had serious doubts regarding Zidane’s coaching career. He could not boast amazing experience. Moreover, the team was facing some troubles despite good results. It was a real challenge for the players as well as newbie manager. As we all know, the experiment turned out into a success featuring two UEFA Super Cups, the Champions League trophy, and other prestigious titles. Zidane has stepped down from his position in 2018.

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