Monday , 26 February 2024

Wright-Phillips Talks Of Tactical Changes Made By Guardiola

Since only a small number of players featured in both the teams, Shaun Wright-Phillips might be forgiven having a foot in each of the camps for the Carabao Cup final on Sunday. Nonetheless, even though the former Blue is eager to point it out that he always going to be grateful towards the fans for the support that they have shown him, he is going to be at Wembley expecting a win for Manchester City.

This is the first team that he played for after he came out of the academy. He joined after 3 years at Chelsea following the move of £21m and the team where D’Margio, his son is coming up through the youth rank. He follows the progress of the club closely. Watching the team of Pep Guardiola has proved to be a refreshing walk down the memory lane for Wright-Philips. Using the full-backs of Barca and enjoying the great Franck Ribery and Arjen Robben at Bayern Munich, the coach of Manchester City continues with his preference for stretching the play with Leroy Sane, Bernando Silva, Riyad Mahrez, and Raheem Sterling. Wright-Phillips states that he would have loved to play in this team but obviously a lot of players are going to say that now. He feels Guardiola is doing a great job and makes football look enjoyable particularly for the attackers. He says that the way city plays, it is difficult for the opposition to get the ball off them. Thus, half of the time they are defending but doing so while they have the ball.

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