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What is Ronaldo Contract Salary in Juventus?

The stage is set. The green flag drops for Cristiano Ronaldo. The A-star Madrid player is about to leave Santiago Bernabeu for Juventus stadium in the next season, although many people were expecting his return to Manchester United. What was initially thought to be nothing but rumors, has eventually turned into the nightmare for all Real Madrid supporters.

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For the Portuguese striker, the transfer seems to be a huge step forward from financial perspectives. Ronaldo salary in dollars is rumored to be over $30 million. It is a bit higher if compared with Ronaldo contract salary in Real at about €21 million. The striker has already refused from some more value propositions made by Chinese clubs, while Jose Mourinho seems to be more interested in Ronaldo’s teammate Gareth Bale.

Why Did He Leave?

The main reason for Ronaldo quitting Bernabeu is the inability of team’s owners to pay him the same wage as Lionel Messi and Neymar get. For this reason, Portuguese international has been seeking for some better waging opportunities away from La Liga. Seria A is hardly the top league from financial perspectives. On the other hand, Juventus has already made the headlines after purchasing Gonzalo Higuaín for €100 million. At the same time, Ronaldo yearly income will be almost six times higher if compared with a striker from Argentine, although the announced transfer fee for Cristiano is £105 million.

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We should also consider Paulo Dybala who is very unlikely to be pleased when meeting the competition in face of Cristiano. The last season was hardly a success for a pair of Argentinian strikers. They failed to help their team to win the UEFA Champions Cup twice in a row.

Moreover, Dyballa obviously faces some mental problems when scoring more goals. It all resulted in more news from Italy regarding the owner’s plans to sell the Argentinian duo. At least, they will be able to cover Ronaldo’s transfer. Dybala and Higuaín are not the only ones to suffer from the sensational transfer. Patrick Evra will also have his back against the wall taking into account his already glittering career and a very poor season.

What Does the Transfer Mean for the Old Lady?

Apart from getting one of the best strikers in the world, the Old Lady will have some extra benefits when it comes to the European Championship’s odds. Ronaldo’s transfer to Juventus boosted the Old Lady’s Champions League odds considerably, but not to the level of outright favorite according to Juve was around +1200 to +1400 (depending on the sportsbook) prior to the transfer, and are now in the neighborhood of +700 to +800. They still trail Barcelona (+500) and Man City (+600), and are about level with Ronaldo’s former club, Real Madrid.

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Moreover, Juventus has purchased a player who scored most of all during the last several European seasons. It seems like Andrea Agnelli decided to pay £105 million just not to see Ronaldo playing on the opposite side. Looks like a wise decision. The only question is how other Juventus players will get on with the A-list striker considering Cristiano Ronaldo wage per week.

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